CM & Deputy CM inaugurate the construction work of 11,000 new classrooms to be built in 200+ Delhi govt schools

Delhi government on Monday inaugurated the construction work of 11,000 new classrooms in the biggest ever expansion phase of government school infrastructure in Delhi’s history.

Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia laid the foundation stone for the 11,000 new classrooms in over 200 government schools, at a function at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, New Friends Colony.

This is the second phase of infrastructure expansion by the Delhi government, after a successful rollout of 8,000 new classrooms between 2015 and 2018.

The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister addressed the children, teachers and parents on the occasion, who had come to the school for a Mega Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) organised by the Directorate of Education. Their speeches was streamed live across all 731 DoE school buildings.

Speaking at the mega foundation ceremony, the Deputy Chief Minister said, “25 new schools have been built, 31 are under construction & the blue prints for 78 new schools have been decided. Having said that, we have no illusion that having built the right infrastructure, the work on education is completed. Today Delhi govt schools perform better than even private schools, selections in competitive exams from govt schools have gone up from 40-50 to 250+. This has been possible because the people voted for AAP as a harbinger of honest governance. Some people opine that education should be kept away from politics, I say to them that the fact that we kept education away from politics, is the reason why the govt schools of the nation are in such sad state. It’s high time we bring Education in the political discourse of the country.”

The Chief Minister, Shri Arvind Kejriwal in his address said, “Today is historic day, not only for Delhi, but for the whole nation. Delhi govt is building more classrooms this year, than the number of classrooms being built by all the governments of states & Central Govt combined. Building infrastructure isn’t rocket science, but the way how confidence has been instilled in the teachers of Delhi govt schools, through exposures at the most reputed institutes of the world like Cambridge, Oxford & Harvard. It’s unbelievable that 300-350 students of Delhi govt schools got through IIT JEE last year, I am from IIT, I know the hard work it takes. Our aim is that education plays the key role in shaping good citizens for the nation who have compassion for others, Delhi govt’s Happiness Curriculum is a leap in that direction. We think one of the biggest problems of the country is unemployment, and that is because of the nature of our education system. Everyone looks for jobs after graduation/post graduation but they seldom find jobs. Today we are trying our best to transform Delhi education model in a way that makes students strive to become job givers instead of job seekers. Education Minister, Shri Manish Sisodia & his team education are designing Entrepreneurship Curriculum for the students of 9th to 12th class. It’s our dream that when a student completes graduation, s/he should not spend even a day of unemployment. S/he should either have a job or the opportunities & skills to start his/her own business.”

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