Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia addressed a delegation of public policy students from Harvard Kennedy School today. As policy students, the delegation was keen on understanding how the Delhi government has been delivering on its promises especially in the sectors of health, education and infrastructure.

The Chief Minister said during his opening remarks, “As soon as we were elected to govern Delhi, we passed a strong anti-corruption legislation called the Jan Lokpal and cracked down on corruption at every level through the Anti Corruption Branch. A hallmark of our governance has been that we have challenged several vested interests and mafias, especially in private electricity distribution, schools and hospitals, and ensured effective, affordable and quality service delivery to the residents of Delhi. Our broad vision for the city is that the basic needs of all people should be met in the seven sectors of electricity, water, education, health, sewers, sanitation and road infrastructure.”

The Deputy Chief Minister added, “As the Education Minister of Delhi, I am proud to say that Delhi invests almost a quarter of its Budget on education and close to 20% on healthcare. The Delhi governance model is the most progressive in the country at the moment as we are investing state resources directly on the people.”

The students asked a range of questions to the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, including on the backlash faced by the government as a result of its anti-corruption moves. They were also interested in hearing about Delhi’s famed healthcare reforms, especially the Mohalla Clinics. Advisor to the Dy CM, Atishi’s Marlena addressed the students on the reforms undertaken by the government to improve Government schools of Delhi.

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