Cabinet approves Rs 139 crore Sports Complex for Najafgarh

  • Sports complex to have all ultra modern facilities for major sports
  • Cabinet also approves informer reward scheme illegal sex determination tests

The Delhi cabinet, in its meeting on Wednesday, chaired by the Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal, approved the following decisions :

1)      The Cabinet gave its administrative approval and expenditure sanction of Rs 139. 16 crore to the Education Department proposal for the construction of a Sports Complex at Village Kair, Najafgarh.


The Directorate of Education felt that it does not have any sports stadium/sports complex in rural areas of Najafgarh and its nearby villages. It owns a small stadium in the heart of Najafgarh which is surrounded by eight Government schools.

It does not fulfill the requirements of sports needs of Najafgarh itself, especially most popular games like football, cricket etc. Almost all the school students have to undergo their sports practices either in this small stadium orin their respective school playgrounds.

There are several villages in Najafgarh e.g. Mitraon, Surehra, Rawta, Chhawla, Issapur, Kair, Paprawat, Khaira, Dhansa etc. Being the entire rural area, there was need from the students, youth and citizens to develop sports complex for students of the area for excellence in sports. Accordingly, the Directorate envisaged a state –of- the- art sports complex having various sports facilities under one roof to accommodate various sports and related activities. The Directorate also felt that the excellence in sports is best possible only when the sportspersons receive training in specialized sports residential academies.

 Location rationale:  Keeping all the above factors in mind, the Directorate surveyed the entire area and found a piece of suitable land in village Kair. This land falls along an arterial road branching from the Main Najafgarh- Dhansaroad connecting village Kair to Najafgarh. As the said land is next to one of the main arterial road from the core centre of Najafgarh, it becomes accessible for private motor vehicles, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Also, being located right next to the bus depot increases its accessibility. This land is in the proximity of catchment area comprising of many surrounding villages and other colonies with potential user groups.

The proposed complex will have the following features :

 Synthetic Athletic Track

 Jogging Track

Tennis court

Basket Ball Court

Swimming Pool

 Sports lighting for Cricket Ground

 Sports lighting for Athletic and Football Ground

  Uninterrupted Power Supply System

      Swimming Pool

2)      The Cabinet approved the Department of Health proposal of Informer reward scheme under Pre Conception  & Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act, 1994 Act (for informer & Decoy patient for informing about unregistered center/machine and for Sting/decoy operation) :

Aim of the scheme:-

To improve the Child sex ratio by ensuring punitive action against those involved in activities directly or indirectly related to sex selective abortions/conceptions including illicit use of technology under the purview of PC & PNDT Act and to create the awareness among the civil society and to rope in the members of civil society for this all important cause and to stop effectively the misuse of Pre Conception and Pre Natal diagnostic Tests and techniques.

Reward of Rs. 50,000/- (Fifty thousand only) to the informer informing about the unregistered or registered centre/machine and any other violation of PC & PNDT Act.

An incentive/reward amount of Rs. 1,50,000/- to Decoy pregnant lady (Decoy customer) on the successful completion of decoy/sting operation according to the details below:-

S. No. Total incentive amount

(Rs. 2,00,000/-)


(Rs. 50,000/-)

Pregnant women/Decoy patient

(Rs. 1,50,000/-)

1. 1st Installment Rs. 50,000/- (after successful completion of decoy operation) Rs. 50,000/- (after successful completion of decoy operation)
2. Second Installment (after completion of decoy operation & on deposing before the court & submission of statement in the court) NIL Rs. 1,00,000/- (after completion of decoy operation & on deposing before the court  & submission of statement in the court)
Total 50,000/- 1,50,000/-

Rs. 50,000/- to decoy patient in the event of unsuccessful decoy operation, to compensate the decoy patient for her efforts, time and for the overall success of scheme. However the informer shall not be compensated in any form in case unsuccessful decoy operation.

Honouring all decoy patients by a certificate signed by the Chief Minister of their participation in implementation of PC & PNDT Act. These certificates to all decoy patients will be distributed district wise in a function like Independence Day flag hosting function in district office by the Concerned District Magistrate on yearly basis.


Gender bias and deep-rooted prejudice and discrimination against the girl child and preference for the male child have led to the misuse of technology for gender based sex selection leading to demographic imbalance over the last two decades. The declining child sex ratio in India is a major concern for all. The successive census data indicate that the sex ratio has been declining at an alarming rate and would lead to serious socio-cultural problems including violence and population imbalances.

The comparison of sex ratio at birth of Delhi as per Civil Registration System,

(Source of data: Annual report of Birth & Death Registration in Delhi 2016 by the Department of Statistics and Economic & Office of Chief Registrar Birth & Death, GNCT of Delhi)

YEAR SEX RATIO AT BIRTH(No. of females per 1000 males) (CRS Data)
2001 809
2002 831
2003 823
2004 823
2005 822
2006 831
2007 848
2008 1004
2009 915
2010 901
2011 893
2012 886
2013 895
2014 896
2015 898
2016 902

As per the Civil Registration System (CRS) data the Sex Ratio at birth witnessed an encouraging trend from 809/1000 in 2001 to 848 in 2007 and 886 in 2012 which further improved to 902 in the year 2016.

The issue of survival of Girl Child is a critical one especially in the conservative Indian Society. Thus there is a dire need for a systematic effort in mobilizing the community against the evil of sex selective abortions/conception.

Keeping the above in view, the department intends to rope in the link of informers who are most often a part of the same society or neighborhood where the malpractice is being conducted or is being planned and are likely to be a more credible source of information based on which decoy operation may be conducted and a financial reward/incentive to the informer once the information provided is found to be correct. To motivate and mobilize the community to share information of such illicit activities and to conduct successful decoy operations based on the information, the idea of scheme was conceived, discussed and approved in the State Supervisory Board.

Section 16 A of the PC & PNDT Act, provides FOR the provision of constitution of State Supervisory Board and Union Territory Supervisory Board. Accordingly the board was constituted for the Delhi government.

At the State and District level, the effective monitoring is being undertaken by conducting inspections and detecting violations. In this context, decoy operations have been conducted in Delhi and outside and their successful operationalization have been found to be highly effective in catching the violators carrying out sex selective practices. It is understood and felt strongly from past experience that decoy operations conducted in a highly coordinated manner by utilizing the inputs received from grass root informers may prove to be ideal to achieve the purpose and the stated objectives of the Act.

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