Statement of Raghav Chadha
16th November, 2019

BJP flouts SC construction ban, work on headquarter continues unabated

Hope SC will take suo moto cognisance and pull up President,working president of the BJP-Raghav Chadha

Air quality in the month of November is especially hazardous in landlocked Delhi due to stubble burning in neighbouring states. Apart from that, construction activities are among major contributors to the pollution levels in Delhi. Seeing the severe air quality situation, Delhi government implemented a host of measures to combat pollution like distribution of free masks, real time monitoring of air quality, Ban on DG sets, implementation of odd even scheme and calling for halt on construction to ensure dust control from stone crushers, RMC plant and Hot mix plants.

Recently, taking cognisance of the situation SC bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra also ordered ban on construction and demolition activities in the NCR.

However, Bharaiya Janata Party has flouted the order and disregard the judicial direction. In a shocking revelation (link attached) has exposed the BJP which has refused to halt construction of their new lavish party headquarters even as the city continues to choke and millions suffer from respiratory illnesses.

This appalling report comes a day after BJP members of parliament, including Shri Gautam Gambhir and all the three Commisioners of the BP run MCDs wilfully skipped a critical meeting called by Parliamentary committee on the pressing matter of air pollution. The meeting had to be cancelled due to poor attendance. MP Gautam Gambhir, who was absent from the meeting was instead seen enjoying snacks in Indore where he had gone to participate as an entertainment commentator for a cricket match.

In the face of this national emergency, Union Environment Minister is more concerned about seeking an apology from opposition instead of acting aggressively to address the situation. With their defiance of the SC order to halt construction, BJP has clearly indicated that they see themselves as above the law and will continue to pursue selfish motives even at the cost of the lives of people who voted them to power.

As for the coveted headquarter they are so enthusiastically building, it is making a mockery of the support all 7MPs of Delhi received in the 2019 elections in the hope of ‘Achche Din’ without realising that achche din were meant just for BJP netas. While the country is gripped with unemployment , inflation and hunger, the ruling party BJP seems to enjoy patronising the country by building an extravagant headquarters and choosing to do so even as their actions directly hurt the respiratory health of the people of Delhi.

We hope that Supreme Court takes suo moto cognisance of the blatant violation and initiates proceeds against senior office bearers of the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders including President and Working President of the BJP as this on going construction is a classic case of contempt of court.


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