18th November,Monday, New Delhi.

From the office of Sanjay Singh( AAP MP, Rajya Sabha)

Sanjay singh slams BJP for not listing bill for regularization of unauthorized colonies.

On the first day of the Parliament’s winter session,AAP MP Sanjay singh attacked BJP for not listing the bill to regularize unauthorized colonies.
“The lies of BJP have been caught. In an all party meeting organized yesterday, BJP presented 27 bills that would be tabled during session and there was no bill for regularizing unauthorised colonies” he said.
“Aam Aadmi Party will raise the issue to pass the bill in this session itself and urge BJP to stop this publicity politics”

Sanjay singh on rising pollution-

” Delhi government with the help of people have put maximum efforts to reduce the impact of pollution and has been successful in reducing it by 25%. As we know pollution has no geographical or political boundaries.Recent stubble burning in Punjab and haryana has to led to the increase in pollution in Delhi. It is a problem that we need to tackle together. Delhi government has closed down two thermal power plants. We have raised it as an issue of public importance in zero hour in Parliament.”

Sanjay singh’s Parliament speech(18 nov,2019)-

” To improve the productivity of the Parliament, it is necessary to give more recognition to private member’s bills prepared on various issues after deep thought and deliberations. It is unfortunate that in 55 years of upper house of parliament, only one private member’s bill on transgender was passed.Private member’s bill should be debated vociferously and not discussed as mere formality. Three minutes time alloted to smaller political parties for discussion of bills ought to be increased ” he said.

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