*Sheila Dikshit must reveal her compulsion behind the u-turn on Delhi statehood*
*· Either she lied to the people of Delhi for decades or she is lying now*
*· If statehood is not an issue for Lok Sabha elections, what is the issue then ?*
The statement of Delhi Congress leader Ms Sheila Dikshit that statehood for Delhi will no longer be a part of her party’s manifesto makes it clear that she and her party had lied to the people of the national capital till today for decades on this important issue.
AAP Delhi convenor Mr Gopal Rai on Wednesday asked Mrs Dikshit whether the people of Delhi should believe her latest statement on hr earlier statement of 21st November 2013, when she had stated that due to Delhi not being a full state there has been a problem of coordination between different agencies and such problems would have been resolved had Delhi been a full state.
Mrs Diskhit has also stated that full statehood will no longer be a part of her party’s manifesto, she should explain what was the compulsion of her party in having promised full statehood for Delhi on 30th January 2015.
Mrs Dikshit should tell the people of Delhi whether the 2015 manifesto was a lie or what are her latest compulsions in going back from what her party had been promising to the people of Delhi for decades ?
It is shocking that somebody who has been a Chief Minister of Delhi is today saying that statehood for Delhi cannot be an issue for Lok Sabha elections. If one were to believe what Mrs Dikshit is saying today then on what basis she had got a resolution passed from the Assembly and sent it to the then central government for getting this demand fulfilled ?
Whom is Mrs Sheila Dikshit trying to fool when it is known to everyone that statehood for Delhi will be granted by the passage of a Constitution amendment bill in parliament ? If an issue to be decided in Parliament is not an issue for Lok Sabha elections then what will be the issue ?
AAP will not allow these parties which have fooled the people of Delhi for decades and bartered their rights for petty political gains to get away from the issue of full statehood easily.
People of Delhi will not suffer any longer, only those leaders who have deceived the people of Delhi will suffer now.

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