The Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to appoint Mr. Durgesh Pathak as the in-charge of party affairs for the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. Mr. Pathak would replace Mr. Pankaj Gupta as the in-charge. Mr. Gupta has been given the charge of in-charge Chandni Chowk Parliamentary constituency.
Mr. Durgesh Pathak is a member of the PAC and also heads the national organization building team of the party. He is also the in-charge of party affairs in Jammu and Kashmir.
Mr. Pathak was instrumental in the landslide victory of the party in Delhi Assembly elections in 2015. He is one of the founding members of the Aam Aadmi Party.

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    • Amit Bhanja

      No tweet from AAP on a historical verdict of scrapping of 377. I am really apalled by this. Are you waiting for some moment where you will gain from some votes?? or you are scared about not getting votes if you support the judgement?
      I am afraid you guys are turning out to be something different.

      • John Ferns

        Tweet must be for Water, Electricity, Education, Health, Environment, Peace, Music, Sports, Farmers & Fishermen. These issues are more important then Divide & Rule Policies of BJP & Congress. Congress is dividing Indians in the name of Caste and BJP is dividing Indians in the name of Religion. Jointly both ruled India for 60 Years+ and still India is a Poor Country. Let us not involve Caste & Religion in Politics and focus on Water, Electricity, Education, Health, Environment, Peace, Music, Sports, Farmers & Fishermen.

        • Amit Bhanja

          So, you believe that scrapping of 377 is something related to caste?? You can tweet whenever something you have to criticise about anyone. Earlier AAP was never shying about tweeting for the scrapping of 377. i really dont get it. Either you are not aware of 377 or you are just trying to ignore any criticism.
          If you are talking about peace, then this is peace when you give equal rights to lgbtq community.
          Well AAP is slowly moving towards the ideology of Congress and BJP. No doubt about that.
          The donor list has been removed too. The candidate list is also not coming out on platforms where people can comment about them. God knows what have you turned into.

          Definitely good work is going on in Delhi govt. I appreciate that and it is because there are some good ministers and MLAs who come when the ideology was not shifting. Now you have started playing caste cards by removing surname of atishi and also asking ashutosh to include his surname. This is not what AAP used to stand for. The good work will continue with Delhi govt and but cannot stand long if the ideology gets shifted.

    • John Ferns

      AAP-GOA is very slow and not Aggressive. “People Likes Action”. There is lot of scope for AAP-GOA to do action against Congress & BJP.
      BJP-GOA is in ICU. Almost half of their MLAs are admitted in Hospital or Taking Treatment.
      GOA is at halt and no work is going on. There will be CM election along with PM election.
      CONGRESS is silent and waiting outside the ICU to receive BJP MLAs one-by-one to start the work and not taking any action against BJP due to fear of their back dated Scams!
      (1) One Lakh Crores Mining Scam!
      (2) Mopa Airport Lands Scam!
      (3) SEZ Scam!
      (4) RP Scam!
      (5) Coal Scam!
      And Many-Many More Scams!!!!!!!!

    • John Ferns

      One in North Goa and other one in South Goa.
      This can be a Tight Slap on Congress & BJP who takes Goans for ride by wining through EVM Manipulations. BJP was supposed to get only 4-5 Seats but it got 13 Seats! How? By Transferring AAP Votes into BJP through EVM Manipulations! Local Opinion Polls and AAP-Goa Survey was saying that AAP is getting 40% Votes Shares. All that AAP votes shares transferred to BJP through EVM Manipulations. To Expose this EVM Manipulations, AAP should demand to count VVPAT. BJP & Congress are so scared of AAP that they not gave even one Seat to AAP.

    • John Ferns

      AAP should finish Congress from Goa by Filing multiple Cases:
      (3) SEZ SCAM!
      (4) RP SCAM!
      (5) COAL SCAM!
      And many-many more SCAMS!!!!!!!!

    • John Ferns

      All Candidates face who has contested 2017 Assembly Election must be seen now and then in Press Conference, as voters must be well aware of them and their contribution to the Society. Priority must be given to those Goans, who have contested election. Ground work, mingling with the voters and helping them whenever they are in need is a must by these Candidates. Voters will come to know them well on ground and they will vote them.


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