People of Delhi will not tolerate injustice anymore

· Aam Aadmi Party to launch unprecedented struggle for full statehood

· Delhi unit calls metting of MLAs on Saturday followed by all office-bearers meeting on Sunday

· BJP’s Central govt does not want to end corruption in Delhi, that is why it took away ACB forcibly from the Delhi govt

Aam Aadmi Party Delhi convenor Gopal Rai on Monday announced that the party has decided to completely expose the injustice being done to the people of Delhi by the BJP’s central government by depriving them of their rights and having created unjustified and illegal obstacles in the functioning of the popularly elected government since last four years.

The party has decided to launch an unprecedented struggle for restoration of rights of Delhi residents.

The party has called a meeting of Delhi MLAs on Saturday and Delhi organisation office-bearers on Sunday to finalise the strategy for the unprecedented struggle for the full statehood of Delhi.

Mr Rai said the Modi government is hellbent on taking revenge from the people of Delhi and this had started within three months of the Arvind Kejriwal government having been elected in 2015 with highest ever electoral mandate in the history of independent India

In May 2015, the Modi government’s Ministry of Home Affairs illegally snatched away the powers of the Delhi government by issuing a wrong notification. In this context, we had also put our view before the Modi government’s MHA and even in front of the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, but elected government was denied justice everywhere. Eventually, we had to knock on the door of the judiciary.

Delhi government argued for the people of Delhi at every possible opportunity before the courts, but finally what Delhi got was endless dates and not justice.

Now the AAP has decided that since the biggest court in a democracy is the court of the public, the party will now go to the people of Delhi and will start a massive movement on the following issues :

Why this injustice to the people of Delhi?

(1) Why is the value of the votes of Delhiites considered inferior and half in comparison to other parts of the country?

(2) The diligent people of Delhi give a tax of around Rs 1.25 lakh crore to the Centre, why does Delhi only get Rs 325 crore in return ?

(3) Why students of Delhi passing out class XII are deprived of admissions in colleges of Delhi ? Where will the students of Delhi go?

(4) Why are youth in Delhi not getting government jobs ? Who will answer about the lakhs of vacancies in Delhi government departments ?

(5) Who is responsible for the security of residents of Delhi ? Who is the Delhi Police accountable to ?

(6) Why can’t the elected government of Delhi take decisions in public interest? How can the british era viceory – LG of Delhi decide on transfers and postings of officers and employees ? Whom is he accountable to ?

(7) Why should the people of Delhi beg before the Central government for land to build schools and hospitals ?

(8) Why did the Central Government snatch the ACB, which could stopped corruption in Delhi?

9) Why is the Centre sitting on the Jan Lokpal Bill sin e three and a half years ?

10) In order to work for the people of Delhi, why did the Chief Minister have to keep his Cabinet in the LG House for nine days ?

Gopal Rai said it is extremely unfortunate that the Modi government was elected from Delhi also, which gave him all seven MPs in 2014, but still the BJP deceived Delhi, it went back on its decades old promise of full statehood and on the contrary tried to stifle the elected government of Delhi.

Therefore, the AAP has decided that there will be a mass movement in Delhi for the rights of the people of Delhi.

The party will make the voters aware that they need to elect Lok Sabha MPs who will fight for their rights and not against them. Delhi needs full statehood and not any further notifications.

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