Legal team of Delhi minister Mr Kailash Gahlot issued the following statement on Saturday :

A deliberate act of spreading disinformation with a view to cover up the abysmal failure of the Income Tax Department, is now being circulated by vested sources.

The Income Tax Department is red faced and smarting from its politically motivated and ill advised raid on Mr Kailash Gahlot.

Family of Mr Kailash Gahlot consists of his wife and two minor daughters. He lives in a flat at Vasant Kunj.

The IT officers purportedly searched for around 60 hours, Mr Gahlot’s flat and could only recover Rs 11 lakh, the amount which has been duly accounted for in his books. IT officials even did not spare the children of Mr Gahlot and searched even their text books, school copies, drawing books and bed of the children in anticipation and eagerness of recovering crores of cash, which all proved to be imaginary in the end.

Since the allegations made for conducting this raid was for recovery of unaccounted money running in crores of rupees and in which imprudent and foolhardy attempt the IT Department suffered failure of epidemic proportions.

The search was a complete failure and as per information available all money recovered and the jewellery recovered were duly accounted for and thus no seizures were made.

Further as per information the search of the flat of Mr Gahlot was complete within first few hours of 10thOctober but on the insistence of the Senior Officers of IT Department, officials did not leave Mr Gahlot’s flat for 60 hours, and were causing incovenience and disrupting the working of the Government since Mr Kailash Gahlot holds three portfolios in the cabinet.

An important tour for procuring Battery powered buses for DTC to curb pollution as well providing much needed respite to citizens of Delhi from shortage of buses, was also cancelled since Mr Kaillash Gahlot was not allowed to leave his residence while the IT officals had nothing to do except enjoy tea, snacks, meals and catching up on their sleep.

Fanciful rumours are being circulated to divert the public attention in a desperate attempt to browbeat their elected representatives. Some rumours being spread are recovery of Rs 35 Lakh of unaccounted money while the truth is that a sum of Rs 11 lakh in cash (duly accounted for) was only found at the premises of Mr Kailash Gahlot. Another sum of Rs 24 Lakhs was admittedly related to family of elder brother of Mr kailash Gahlot.

Further the rumours which are being spread are of recovery of jewellery worth Rs two crore (unaccounted), while the truth is that jewellery belonging to wife of Mr Kailash Gahlot (assessed at current market rate) of Rs 28 Lakh (duly accounted for) was only found along with jewellery belonging to the mother in law of Mr Kailash Gahlot (assessed at current market rate) of Rs 41 Lakhs (duly accounted for) was found.

This assessment has no relation to the purchase price of the jewellery.

Mr Kailash Gahlot has been married for around 20 years and belongs to a reputed family of land owners. His elder bother Mr Harish Gahlot and his family are living seperately and so is the family of his deceased elder brother Mr Satish Gahlot.

The sons of late Mr Satish Gahlot and Mr Harish Gahlot are majors and have their own separate business with which Mr Kailash Gahlot has nothing to do.

Both Mr Harish Gahlot and Late Shri Satish Gahlot are established businessmen in Gurgaon since late 1980s.

Another falsehood being planted is that Benami properties worth Rs 100 crore were found during raids, while as a matter of fact not a single document was recovered for any property from the residence of Mr Kailash Gahlot.

Mr Kailash Gahlot was a succesful Lawyer and was engaged in business of Companies M/s Brisk infrastrutre and Developres Pvt Ltdand M/s Corporate International Financial Services Limited till early 2015 (till he filed his nomination as an Assembly candidate). Once engaged in public service Mr kailash Gahlot resigned from the Directorship of these companies w.e.f. 31.03.2015 & 18.03.2015. He has no direct control over the working of these companies. No documents of these companies were found at the residence of Mr Kailash Gahlot.

All stories being planted by the IT Department and other agencies working at the behest of Central government will be strongly countered on facts and a befitting legal response will be given to the attempts to harass and intimidate a law abiding citizen and an elected representative.


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