Statement by AAP leader in the Rajya Sabha Mr Sanjay Singh on the CBI issue :

Today’s order by the hon’ble Supreme Court of India is a clear indication that the top court of the country has halted the Modi government’s illegal attempts to make a mockery of the rules, law and Constitution of the country.

The hon’ble Supreme Court by making the CVC inquiry time bound and putting it under the supervision of a retired judge of the Supreme Court has exposed the Modi government attempts to use the so-called CVC probe against the CBI director Mr Alok Verma as an excuse to keep him out of office for his remaining tenure.

Irrespective of the unsuccessful spin by the Modi government spin doctors the important facts and consequences of today’s orders of the hon’ble Supreme Court are as follows :

· Modi government design of implicating the CBI director Mr Alok Verma in the CVC inquiry has failed since the inquiry will now be supervised by a retired Supreme Court judge, therefore the truth behind Modi government’s attempt to show that the CVC is probing major corruption allegations against Mr Verma which warrant his stepping aside from the post will come out soon.

· Modi government’s attempts to impose a junior officer with a dubious track record, himself facing corruption allegations as an interim director has been curtailed with the hon’ble Supreme Court seeking all his decisions in a sealed cover and directing him not to take any major decision.

· Modi government’s favourite choice for CBI chief’s post, Mr Rakesh Asthana’s petition was not even heard by the Supreme Court, which means his story has no credibility. Modi government stands exposed since its entire effort was save R & R – Rakesh and Rafale. It’s game of protecting R&R has fallen flat.

Modi government’s spin doctors are not answering a basic question that what prompted their action of a midnight coup in CBI ? Which files was the Modi government afraid of ? When the law is absolutely clear that only a collegium comprising the Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and leader of the largest opposition party in the Lok Sabha has the power to recommend for appointment the name of CBI director and his removal, then under which law and authority did the Modi government remove Mr Verma in the garb of sending him on leave ?

The answer to above questions is clear : Modi government is desperately trying to suppress the mega Rafale scam.

The ministers of Modi government know the truth about Rafale scam and their denials notwithstanding – the facts speak for themselves :

· On 6th march 2018, three AAP Rajya Sabha MPs – ND Gupta, Sushil Gupta and myself (Sanjay Singh) – we handed over a complaint about the scam in Rafale fighter aircraft deal to the CVC

· On 12th March : We handed over the same complaint to the CBI

· On 16th May : CVC replied to my letter stating that my complaint has been received and referred to the Ministry of Defence – which means my complaint has been accepted for a probe.

It is a fact that CVC gets any corruption complaint probed by the CBI, therefore how are the ministers in the Modi government saying there was no complaint about Rafale and the opposition parties are misleading ? What is the basis of their statement ?

Not only this, there have been numerous reports in the media that the Central government was very unhappy with the CBI director since he met former union ministers Mr Yashwant Sinha and Mr Arun Shourie along with noted lawyer Mr Prashant Bhushan, when they went to the CBI headquarters to file a written complaint on the Rafale scam.

Why is the Modi government so scared with the word Rafale ? It is because this government knows there is no defence of how a 12 day-old company of Anil Ambani was drafted in as an offset partner for Dassault and India was taken for a ride with a Rs 570 crore fighter jet having been sold to India at thrice the cost at Rs 1670 crore.

AAP will expose the Modi government strongly on this issue and will place all these facts before the public.


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