AAP protests against East MCD for non-payment of dues to sanitation workers

– Sanitation workers face the brunt of the financial mismanagement and corruption in the BJP-run municipal body

– AAP MLAs, councillors and volunteers led a massive protest against the MCD today

The Aam Aadmi Party held a massive protest outside the East Delhi Municipal Corporation office today to protest against the BJP-run municipal body for non-payment of dues to sanitation workers. The BJP believes it is their birthright to mismanage the MCDs and indulge in corruption and pass on the brunt of their actions on to sanitation workers. Residents of East Delhi also suffer because of this corrupt and irresponsible behaviour of the BJP.

The AAP, led by Krishna Nagar MLA SK Bagga and Gandhi Nagar MLA Anil Bajpai, Leader of Opposition in the East MCD Abdul Rehman, along with newly elected municipal councillors Rohit Mehraulia, Vimlesh, Mohani Jeenwal, Reshma Nadeem, Rekha Tyagi, Sajid Khan, Haji Tahir, Sahista Nigam and Kuldeep and Sherakhan Malik and party DI Shehnawaz Siddiqui, protested against the BJP’s mismanagement outside the East MCD office. Hundreds of party volunteers also took part in the protest.

The BJP has already begun shifting blame from itself, but there are no takers for their excuses. The Delhi government after the AAP has taken office has consistently been increasing funding to the MCDs. The East MCD received Rs 441 crores in the 2014-15, under the Centre’s rule in Delhi. In 2015-16 the AAP government increase this to Rs 465 crores, while for 2016-17 this figure went up to Rs 506 crores. The Delhi government has also given two loans amounting to Rs 568 crores over the last two years to tide over the East MCD’s financial problems. The first instalment of Rs 142 crores for the year 2017-18 has already been released by the AAP government.

The continuing financial struggles of the East MCD are solely the fault of the BJP’s mismanagement and corruption. The BJP must not indulge in politics over the issue of sanitation in Delhi as it effects the health and well being of the people of this city. The East MCD must immediately release salaries of sanitation workers and restore a dignified work environment for them.

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