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The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi is making unprecedented strides in enhancing people’s access to quality healthcare. The government has launched several schemes to provide free medicines, tests and several life-saving surgeries through a three-tiered network of Mohalla Clinics, Polyclinics and Hospitals. This Citizen’s Guide aims to compile a list of all such facilities, tests and surgeries and will continue to evolve as new services are added.

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics (AAMCs)

Mohalla Clinics are neighbourhood clinics set up by Delhi government in 158 locations across the city at an extremely low cost and are providing high-quality primary health care to previously unserved communities. Diagnosis, medicines and tests are all provided free of cost in Mohalla Clinics. Mohalla Clinics are set up either in porta cabins or in rented properties. You can find the closest Mohalla Clinic in these lists:

  1. Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics in Porta Cabins
  2. Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics in Rented Premises

Here is the complete list of 109 essential medicines available for free at any Mohalla Clinic.

List of free medicines available at Mohalla Clinics

Here is the list of 212 diagnostic tests available for free at any Mohalla Clinic

List of free diagnostic tests available at Mohalla Clinics

Aam Aadmi Polyclinics

To build a robust 3-tier universal healthcare system in Delhi, the AAP government has launched 23 Polyclinics that offer specialised diagnosis and treatment to patients for free thereby preventing the hassle to visit crowded hospitals. This, in turn, reduces the out-patient burden on government hospitals and allows them to focus on quality in-patient care.

Find the closest Polyclinic from this list:

List of Aam Aadmi Polyclinics

Delhi Government Hospitals

Delhi government runs 38 full-fledged hospitals across the city. Over the last two years, the AAP government has significantly improved the conditions in government hospitals resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients. The Delhi government has made all medicines, tests and surgeries at these hospitals completely free of cost.Further, if patients who are residents of Delhi are waitlisted for a life-threatening surgery at a Delhi government hospital for more than 30 days, the hospital refers the patient to an empanelled private hospital which treats the patient for free. For the first time, even expensive tests like CT scans and MRIs are being conducted for free.

List of Delhi government hospitals with addresses

Click here for information on the Delhi government scheme on free surgery and expensive diagnostic tests

The above link will provide the following:

  • List of 52 surgeries available for free
  • List of private hospitals empanelled for the scheme
  • List of Delhi government hospitals that can refer patients for surgeries
  • Criteria for eligibility
  • List of documents as valid residence proof
  • List of diagnostic tests available for free
  • List of empanelled testing centres
  • List of Delhi government hospitals that can refer patients for tests

In addition, the following three Delhi government hospitals are providing high-quality haemodialysis services at low prices to the entire populace of Delhi and free of charge to poor patients through PPP Dialysis project:

  • Lok Nayak Hospital
  • Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital
  • Dr Hedgewar Arogya Sansthan

Click here for more information on Delhi government’s PPP Dialysis project

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Akshay Marathe


    • Name brijbhushan sharma

      message i am regested pharmacist sir how can i apply job of pharmacist in mohala clinic. 9810671171

    • Nancy Sachdeva

      Hi! Please provide me the details of the best eye specialist clinic.

    • DeSai

      What is the difference between Test, Could you please elaborate?
      1) Test 49 – Paraffin section and 50 – Paraffin section
      2) Test 68 – Serum Iron and 125 – Serum Iron
      3) Test 73- Creatinine Clearance and 147 Creatinine Clearance?
      4) Test 75 – Total Iron Binding Capacity and 126 – Total Iron Binding Capacity
      5) Test 90 – Serum Lactate and 197 – Serum Lactate Level
      6) Test 146 – B2 Microglobulin and Test 162 – BETA-2 Microglobulin Assay
      Also Following tests sounds like a drug ,
      8) Test 111- Lithium, Sounds like a Drug name, does test identify level of the drug?
      9) Test 112- Dilantin (Phenytonin), Sounds like a Drug name, does test identify level of the drug?
      10) Test 113 – Carbamazepine, Sounds like a Drug name, does test identify level of the drug?
      11) Test 194 – Serum Valproate level, Sounds like a Drug name, does test identify level of the drug?
      12) Test 195 – Serum phenobarbitone level, Sounds like a Drug name, does test identify level of the drug?
      Followings are questions related to test,
      13) Test 45 – RDP – Random Donor platlet, Question, What is tested for during this test?
      14) Test 46 – SDP – Single donor platlet, Question, Is this test performed at Moholla Clinic? What is tested for during this test?
      15) Test 48 – Special Stain, Could you please elaborate Stain What?
      16) Test 158 – Direct (Skin and Kidney disease), Question, What is tested for during this test?
      17) Test 198 – Basic studies including cell count, protein, sugar, gram stain, India lnk, preparation and smear for AFP. Question, is it AFP or AFB?

      Thanks in advance for your clarification and best guidance,
      With warm regards,

    • Name

      Go to your nearest maternity Dispensary, they will do all the blood test free of cost. If any test is not available in Dispensary then they will write on slip then you can do by Mohalla Clinic free of cost.

    • Nameshankar

      I am from bhatti mines here is a doctor name Manish Kumar he referred us to green park s focus image center for USG test but they said we can’t do without file no. And Manish Kumar said he has no file no. Then we came back to home and I think they referred bogusly

    • kaushal

      hloo sir
      i live in Sultanpur village 110030. mohalla clinic seems ready. but it’s locked since it has been made.
      I’m thyroid patients . it’ll be better for us. we can go for check up on time without thinking of money
      kindly help me out. please do something for aam aadmi mohalla clinic (Sultanpur)

    • Sandeep

      Pls publish the contact details of mohalla clinics, along with location on map

    • shivam saini

      hlo sir i m a registered pharmacist and how can i apply for pharmacist in mohalla clinic.

    • Shashi shekhar

      Sir, I am a resident of Delhi and am suffering from some heart abnormalities for which I have been treated by AIIMS Delhi.
      By for further treatment they have recommended some medical investigations which I can’t afford at times.
      So please advise me the procedure for free medical tests which our honourable Govt of NCT of Delhi have benefitted to its residents.
      Please contact.
      Yours truly,

    • DeSai

      Is there a editable (word) version of all 212 tests?

    • Sanjay Singh

      AAP should also set up portal which provides medicines on demand at discounted rates say 50% with free home delivery in AAP packet. They could avail services of any courier service for free home delivery.

    • Sanjay Singh

      Can we get medicines recommended by other doctors at Mohalla Clinics. I need Dizeral-CP & Paxidep 12.5 mg for Hypertention.

    • Ajay Kumar

      Please tell how to get appointment of gynaecologist at mohalla clinic or delhi govt poly clinic and delhi govt hospitals in East delhi and how to get free test and medicines prescribed by doctor.

    • sonu Kumar

      Very nice and satisfactory work done by the Kejriwal Government for the benefit of common people. Thank you and please keep doing work on ground level.

    • Yuvraj Tiwari

      I am blood cancer and Kidney patient and when I go to Patpargang Mandawali Mohalla Clinic for CBC and KFT test they totally denied and said we do not do test.

      • Mansi chaudhry

        You can go to any of the private hospitals listed above in the link provided where it says ‘click here for information on the Delhi govt scheme on free surgery and expensive diagnostic tests’ i think

    • Shashi Trivedi

      Such facilities given by a govt is a praise worthy work. It is prime work of political party. Other political party should also follow such action.

    • John Ferns

      JAI HIND.


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