Press Release – 3rd July 2019

AAP Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj’s response to false and defamatory allegations made by some leaders of the BJP

· BJP & Sh. Manoj Tiwari have nothing positive to speak on education
· They failed to list out 10-schools in BJP ruled states to be compared with Kejriwal model

· Out of frustration, Sh. Tiwari is spreading falsehood against Kejriwal model of education

· Request BJP & Sh. Tiwari to be positive and have a positive competition on education sector

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and its Delhi State President Sh. Manoj Tiwari has been trying to malign the Kejriwal model of Education by levelling totally baseless & fabricated allegations.

The BJP has nothing positive to speak on the education sector as it has done nothing to educate the people of the states it is ruling. It has no will to improve the quality or infrastructure of the government education sector in the states it is ruling.

Sh. Tiwari’s reaction and baseless allegations are quite understandable, he understands only the language of scams and thus senses only scams wherever he goes.

While on the one hand, the world is praising the Kejriwal model of education, the BJP & Sh. Tiwari are out to malign the model rather than have a sporting spirit and compete with the Kejriwal model in the states the BJP is ruling. The Kejriwal model of education is a model for the states to follow. The government schools have undergone a sea change since the present government was formed in 2015 – infrastructure has seen a huge turn-around, teachers are being trained at best of the global institutes, PTMs are happening, confidence level of students has gone up, happiness & entrepreneurship curriculum have been a huge success, results have been awesome and so many other things have been achieved in the education sector.

The frustration of Sh. Tiwari & BJP came out after Delhi’s Education Minister Sh. Manish Sisodia challenged BJP to compare any 10-schools of the BJP ruled states with 10-schools of the Kejriwal model. Rather than playing positive politics on an important subject like education, BJP resorted to negative politics and started levelling baseless allegations on the Delhi Government.

It is quite clear that the BJP can’t come up with even 10-schools out of so many states it is ruling in the country to be compared with the Kejriwal model. The Bhartiya Janata Party has never worked on subjects like education and improvement of government schools. They have rather spoiled the government schools structure and huge number of government schools has closed down during BJP rules in many states.

If BJP would have been positive on the issue it would have been a great opportunity to improve the government schools infrastructure and quality in many states they are ruling. It would have actually changed the future of millions of our next generation citizens. We would have helped them change schools in the states they are ruling, told them on how to improve infrastructure, shared with them the curriculum on happiness & entrepreneurship and so many other things.

But, we are very sorry to see how they reacted to a positive competition the Education Minister wanted. They went into a total negative zone and misled the people & media by levelling fake allegations.

We again request the BJP and Sh. Manoj Tiwari to be positive on such a sensitive issue and come up with a list of 10-schools from the BJP ruled states and compare them with 10-schools of the Kejriwal education model.

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