30,000 poor farmers and tribals marched 180 km to seek compensation for their crops and demand their rights. The march went on for seven days before the Chief Minister decided to give audience to the farmer delegation. The CM instantly allotted committees for  farmers and sent them ‘back’.

There is no doubt that the agrarian crisis today is the result of neglect by the political parties over the past several decades. Not only have they ignored the causes of the farmers’ plight but they have also been complicit with greedy middlemen who have caused the rut in the agricultural economic system. It is this nexus which has looted the farmers and consumers alike.

In addition, extensive use of chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides has contaminated agricultural lands and products. It has caused serious demographic disorder by generating cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems among others.

The cost of production for the farmers has increased geometrically in the era of globalization, liberalization and privatization. Lack of protective measures and unfair promotion of foreign players has caused this imbalance. Return of Investment too has gone down for an average farmer. Lack of safeguards and inefficient measures has pushed the farmers into economic distress.

For Aam Aadmi Party, farmer’s issues are of utmost importance. Taking inspiration from the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, which gave the highest compensation to farmers out of any state, AAP, Maharashtra has planned for a way ahead to serve the farmers.

  1. AAP will work towards ensuring that farmers get 150% of the Minimum Support Price
  2. A focused plan would be adopted towards reduction of cost of production
  3. Developing direct relations between consumers and farmers by launching Friends of Farmers groups in urban areas. These will include retail outlets which will be connected directly to the farmers.
  4. We will ensure Universal Basic Income of Rs.6, 000 per month for all farmers.
  5. Ban GMO seeds
  6. If there is death or injury to farmers due to pesticide or fertilizer, criminal proceedings would be initiated.

Aam Aadmi Party is committed to the cause of the farmers and is well aware of the challenges faced by them. For AAP, farmers are not a liability but a force of strength and a priority. Hence we will launch an agitation all over Maharashtra from 19th March, 2018 by staging ‘Anna Tyag’ (No food) in front of collector office in all districts.

Thereafter from 23 March, 2018 we will organize protest rallies in each district to launch agitation against the government.

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