Highlighting Kejriwal Government’s vision for Delhi’s education system, Education Minister Ms Atishi said that making good citizens is more important than making children just score good marks. The Education Minister was interacting with 5,000 teachers of Delhi Government schools at the closing ceremony of a 5-day training program for teachers organised by SCERT. The program was organised to help teachers understand the objectives of the Happiness Curriculum.

While interacting with the teachers, Ms Atishi said, “Today’s school education focuses on making children a better professional through learning the content of subjects. But rarely any attention is paid to skills that are required in everyday life. Students are not prepared properly for everyday challenges despite spending 14-15 years in studying.”

She said that as adults, people face many challenges in daily life such as how our relationships should be with our family members, how to behave with younger and older people, and how to manage stress. However, these subjects are never discussed during school education. To ensure that children in Delhi do not have to face such challenges in the future and are prepared to face the challenges of daily life, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal and the crusader of Delhi Education Revolution Shri Manish Sisodia introduced the “Happiness Curriculum”.

The Education Minister said,”The curriculum was introduced in Delhi government schools about 5 years ago, and I am pleased to see that it is successful. Our teachers and children understand the real purpose of their lives. We can learn Math, English, History, etc. but before that, it is essential to learn how to become a good human being, and the life skills. Under the Happiness Curriculum such training sessions have been a great help to our teachers. Through this learning, the teachers in Delhi government schools have made it their top priority to turn children into good human beings. This mindfulness-meditation and happiness workshop is inspiring teachers to make their classroom students good human beings.”

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