The Aam Aadmi Party government has kickstarted work at the ward level in MCD. Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi has been visiting wards to inspect long-standing issues and has issued strict instructions to address them. In a surprise inspection today, she inspected Wards 155 and 159 along with other officials and councillors.

MCD Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi said, “We have begun working to deliver on the commitments made to the Delhi citizens by CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal. We will soon provide the amenities that Delhi residents have been unable to access in MCD for many years. We will operate in Delhi in a manner similar to that of the Kejriwal administration.”

Three heritage structures in Mehrauli have deteriorated from a lack of maintenance over decades. Earlier, the polyclinic used to be open 24 hours a day, but it is now only open until 3 PM.

The Mayor of MCD Dr Shelly Oberoi, inspected Wards 155 and 159 today. During the inspection of Ward 159, it was found that there was illegal parking on about one acre of land in the village. Apart from this, the issues of broken roads, crumbling school buildings, open drains, and unmaintained parks came to the fore. Following this, during the inspection of Mehrauli’s Ward 155, problems like water logging, the failure to pick garbage from homes, and dilapidated heritage structures came to light. Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi gave the present officials instructions to address the issues with immediate effect.

In addition, during the inspection of MCD Primary School in Chhatarpur, Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi found that the school was in an extremely poor state, with seepage from the roofs and no permanent toilets available for female students. Like all MCD schools in Delhi, there was also a shortage of teachers here. There were no guards, housekeeping staffs, or nursery maids.

Dr Oberoi noted that MCD’s gallis are in terrible shape. For many years, no new roads were constructed in the wards. The greatest problem, aside from this, is with drains. There are no covers over the drains, which have not been repaired for quite some time. The local Sulabh toilets have been locked for the last three years.

The Mayor said, “We will provide the facilities that the locals have been unable to access for a long time at the earliest.”

She informed that zone-by-zone meetings of officers were taking place to provide amenities for the general public. She said, “Just like the Delhi government, the MCD will also work according to the Kejriwal Model.”

Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi inspected three historic structures under MCD while visiting the Mehrauli Ward. Due to decades of neglect, the structures have become decrepit. People demand that they be given a fresh repair and be redeveloped as heritage sites.

Dr Oberoi further conducted at MCD’s school in Ward 159. The issues that came to the fore in this school were much like the problems in other MCD schools. Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi also drew attention to the Maternity and Child Welfare Centre in the area, which used to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 16 bedrooms. However, now it closes at 3 AM, with only five beds in the emergency ward, and there is no mechanism in place for admitting patients. Moreover, there is no facility for tests.

Interacting with patients at the polyclinic revealed that medicines are often in short supply at the polyclinic. The Mayor has given instructions to improve the polyclinic and ensure an adequate supply of medicines. In addition to this, the parks were found in very poor condition.

Dr Shelly Oberoi stated that the newly elected MCD administration has begun working to fulfil the promises made to the Delhi residents by CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal. “We will address every problem that has gone unresolved in MCD for the past 15 years,” she concluded.

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