Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed the nation on the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day on 15th August, 2017. The speech was broadcast live on DD Bharati on Independence Day.

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Akshay Marathe


    • Kumar Samir

      Very well done Mr. CM, You are the hope of India. PM Material.

    • Hamzavallakkat

      Yes he, Mr Kerrial said clearly the truth, and what India wants to do

    • Jay Ram Yadav

      Very-very wright speech and truth.

    • Nizar Hemnani

      please need to focus in Gujarat.

    • vanchis

      Educational system needs a dramatic change. Children have to study too many unnecessary subjects, without understanding. Maths ,Science, computer science, basic accountancy , English and one other language will be enough.
      The syllabus should be prepared in consultation with engineers and doctors to understand the basics.. After completing the school, students can choose whether they need advanced chemistry,physics,literature, social studies etc.


      aise kise bhi case mai jahan kisi mantri/class one officer / party president ya kisi uccha pad par baithe vyakti par aarope pratham dristya sahi paye jayein to kisi third part agency/ kisi dusre thane ki police ya kisi dusre state ki police se turant jaanch karayi jaaye. is prakar se local level par koi vyakti apna prabhutva kam chala sakega. Aur ant mai law strict karne ki jaroorat to hai hi.

    • John Ferns

      There are so many Cards in India. Other Countries has only One Card and that it is their Country Nationality Card (Citizen Card/Civil ID Card). With this only/lonely Card, they can do anything like purchase Mobile SIM Card, Get Internet Connection, Open Bank Accounts, etc.
      Why India only having different Cards for different work?
      All Cards (Ration, Aadhar, Voting, Pan, Etc.) must be Scrap and Start only one Card “INDIAN CITIZENSHIP CARD”. With this INDIAN CITIZENSHIP CARD one can Vote, Open Bank Account, Get Ration, Get Government Schemes benefits, Get Mobile Number, etc.

    • Keshav Agarwal

      I have heard your speech at Chhatrasal Stadium on Independence day eve. I fully support your views on empowering citizens by way of education and health. I even want to go further and see uniform education to all till primary level. Board Exams should be held at Class IV and Class VIII level. This will help the children prepared and discourage the teachers to be lenient for students close to them while promoting to next class. Skill development Centres are also a welcome step. But I object to a threat or warning to contractors for payment of low wages. The entrepreneurs have long been under constant threats from media, public and political leaders. We should spare them for better. If the youth is properly skilled, he himself will not opt for low remuneration job. No necessity for artificial barriers. These only help the unscrupulous elements and middleman. We know Agriculture loans are given by banks at 7% interest, but real rates in rural sector is many times more than this. I sincerely doubt that these loans are at all given to farmers.


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