The Kejriwal government is working in mission mode to make Delhi’s roads beautiful, safe, and world-class. In this regard, the Minister of Public Works Department Ms. Atishi has approved the strengthening and beautification projects of 16 major roads in Sultanpuri, Mangolpuri, Paschim Vihar and Jwalapuri under the North-Western and Western Road divisions.

These roads include Kanjhawala Road, Road No. 316, Road No. A-2 from Avantika Chowk to Pole Star School, H-Block Road in Sultanpur, Kala Mandir Cinema Road in Mangolpuri, Tank Road, B-Block Road, G/F Block Road, B-Block Road and G-Block Road in Sultanpuri, Prem Sukh Road in West Delhi, R-Block Jwala Puri to Guru Harikishan Nagar Sai Mandir Road, 60 Ft Road in Jwala Puri, Capital Plaza Market to Jahaj Apartments Road, Vindhychal Apartments to Virat Cooperative Society Road, Laxmi Narayan Marg, and Saint Mark’s School to DDA Market Road.

While approving the project, Ms. Atishi said, “This project will improve the condition of roads in North-Western and Western Delhi, making them more durable. In addition to beautification, it will enhance the beauty of these areas.” She added that the Kejriwal government is committed to making roads better in Delhi and providing safe and comfortable travel for the city’s residents. In this direction, it is working in a planned manner to identify and address key issues that affect the condition of roads in the city. This project utilizes modern techniques, including assessment by experts, road repairs, and strengthening, to ensure that these roads can withstand heavy traffic and any weather conditions.

The PWD Minister said that the Delhi government is working in a systematic manner to strengthen the roads of Delhi. Recognizing that these roads were constructed a long time ago and now require maintenance, the focus is on their upkeep. Due to the cutting of roads for laying cables and pipes by civic agencies, the riding quality of the roads has deteriorated. Therefore, maintenance and beautification work is now being initiated. To ensure that travelers are not inconvenienced in any way, PWD officials have been instructed to complete the work within a specified time frame and adhere to all safety guidelines.

It is to be noted that PWD works on the maintenance of roads from time to time, ensuring that the people of Delhi do not face any issues regarding noise pollution or traffic congestion. For the strengthening of these roads, PWD officials have conducted a thorough inspection of their current condition and requirements, following which these projects have been approved by the government. In this project of road improvement, not only the road’s strength will be taken into consideration but also proper “road marking” will be done to ensure high quality and adherence to all standards. Moreover, the Public Works Department will focus on the improvement of these road stretches, including footpaths, central verge, lane marking, and painting work for parapets/wall railings, while adhering to all required standards.

Roads to get a new look

-> Kanjhawala Road to Road No. 316
-> Road No. A-2 from Avantika Chowk to Pole Star School
-> H-Block Road in Sultanpur
-> Kala Mandir Cinema Road, Mangolpuri
-> Tank Road, Mangolpuri
-> B-Block Road, Mangolpuri
-> G/F Block Road, Mangolpuri
-> B-Block Road, Sultanpur
-> G-Block Road, Sultanpur
-> Prem Sukh Road
-> R-Block Jwala Puri to Guru Harikishan Nagar Sai Mandir Road
-> 60 Ft Road, Jwala Puri
-> Capital Plaza Market to Jahaj Apartments Road
-> Vindhychal Apartments to Virat Cooperative Society Road
-> Laxmi Narayan Marg
-> Saint Mark’s School to DDA Market Road

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