Delhi Jal Board Vice Chairman Shri Somnath Bharti held a meeting with Kondli MLA Shri Kuldeep Kumar at DJB Headquarters on Tuesday in the presence of senior officials of Delhi Jal Board. The meeting was held under the special campaign “Meet with MLA” launched by the DJB Vice Chairman under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal.

Shri Somnath Bharti said that the objective of this campaign is to identify water and sewerage related complaints in assembly constituencies and redress them quickly. Under this campaign, meetings are being held with MLAs of different assembly constituencies and complaints related to water and sewerage of different constituencies are being resolved. In today’s meeting with MLA Shri Kuldeep Kumar, the DJB Vice Chairman discussed the sewer and water related problems of Kondli constituency in the presence of top officials of DJB. The officials were directed to take necessary steps to resolve the challenges in the Kondli area.

RO plants will be installed in all JJ Colonies of Kondli

Shri Somnath Bharti mentioned the improvements with regard to water supply in the JJ Colonies in Kondli. A decision was reached to set up new RO plants to improve water supply in the JJ colonies there. The Vice Chairman directed the officials to identify places in JJ Colonies in Kondli where installation of RO plants will take place. Shri Somnath Bharti said that Shri Arvind Kejriwal has directed that wherever people are not getting enough water in JJ colonies, RO plants should be installed to provide sufficient and clean water to the masses. Therefore, after a spot is selected in ground surveys, the installation work of RO plants in JJ colonies in the Kondli area will commence. With the installation of RO plants, clean drinking water will be available to the residents of JJ colonies. This will help improve the overall water supply scenario in the JJ colonies of the constituency.

Kondli WWTP Tubewell Project will produce 5 MGD of water

The DJB Vice Chairman and the Kondli MLA also discussed the issue of increasing water production during the meeting. The Kondli Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) project was also discussed in view of developing new sources of water to increase water production. It was decided that tube-wells will be built by the Delhi Jal Board within the Kondli WWTP premises. It will be coupled with installation of an RO plant that will treat or clean the tube-well water. This project is expected to produce 5 MGD of water. Shri Somnath Bharti asked the DJB officials to expedite the work so that the project could be commissioned quickly and the water supply of the surrounding areas could be improved by increasing the production of water.

Sewer lines will be laid in every colony of Kondli constituency

He also said that under the able leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Jal Board is cleaning the Yamuna River. Under his vision, every colony of the national capital is being connected to the sewer network as part of the “Clean Yamuna Mission.” New sewer lines are being laid in every unserved colony and old sewer lines are being replaced with new ones. In the meeting, the Vice Chairman instructed the DJB officials to lay sewer lines in those colonies of the Kondli constituency where the sewer network has not yet spread. The expansion of the sewer network will reduce the amount of wastewater falling into Yamuna. The dirty wastewater of the sewers will be treated in the sewage treatment plants instead of out-pouring directly into Yamuna. This will reduce the pollution load of Yamuna. The project will thus enable the realisation of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal’s dream of making Yamuna clean by 2025.

This project of new sewer lines expansion will also reduce the problem of contamination of drinking water as new sewer lines are being laid in such a way that they do not physically meet the water supply lines. Giving strict instructions to the officials, Shri Somnath Bharti said that DJB officials should take immediate action on the complaints of contaminated water supplies. Any kind of negligence or delay in these matters will not be tolerated.

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