Learn how the CBI is being misused by the Central government to manufacture the false claims to intimidate Aam Aadmi Party leaders into silence. Here, we debunk all the allegations of money laundering against Satyendra Jain. Let’s separate the truth from the propaganda.

Propaganda #1:

CBI has accused that Sanjay and Suresh used to work for Satyendra Jain since 2010 and handled his hawala transactions by means of calls to Kolkata using a landline number 011-27314231. It has been accused that the calls were made during 2010 to 2016


Chief Spokesperson and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj explains the truth behind the allegations against Satyendra Jain

The phone number mentioned above never had STD facility. Moreover the phone has been disconnected since the year 2014. All the call details have been procured for this number. No calls were made to Kolkata from 2010 to 2014. People named Sanjay and Suresh have never worked with the Minister.

Propaganda #2: CBI has accused that 4 people have come forward and spoken against Satyendra Jain.

Truth: The truth is that all 4 confessions are false and made under pressure from the central agency. Satyendra Jain demanded that all 4 witnesses to be brought in front of him. When the Income Tax department got one of those persons named Babloo Pathak to face Satyendra Jain, it didn’t take him even 5 minutes to admit that the minister had no role in the alleged transactions. Then the minister requested to get the other 3 witnesses too to which the Income tax department gave in writing that this will not be done.

This proves that the CBI and the Income Tax department are being used as tools by the Central government to malign the AAP government by trying to frame Satyendra Jain in a false case. Read below the detailed statement issued by the party on this issue.

Support Truth, Not Propaganda:

The truth that the witness refused to testify against Satyendra Jain hasn’t been widely reported by media. It reflects how there is concerted propaganda by BJP, Congress and some media outlets.

This is just another addition to the 13 MLAs who are being falsely accused and framed by the Delhi Police which has even invited the anger of Delhi High Court.


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