National Recognition 

The “AAP Effect”

The following State governments and Political parties have adopted AAP’s unique  scheme in the area of Transport.

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State Government Free bus travel for women
Tamil Nadu
Political PartyFree bus travel for women


  1. The AAP Delhi government wins an award in the category ‘Excellence in Urban Transport in ‘Best Non-motorised Transport’ for the Chandni Chowk redevelopment project at the 14th Urban Mobility India Conference 2021.
  1. DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) bags ‘Metro Rail with Best Passenger Services and Satisfaction‘ award at the 14th Urban Mobility India Conference 2021.

The EV Capital of the country!

As on Feb 7 2022, Delhi has contributed to 25 percent of electric commercial vehicles sales in the country since 2019 (785 electric taxis out of the 1,609 units sold nationally and 1,068 electric goods carriers out of  4,035 units sold nationally).

The reasons behind this achievement are two fold:

  1. Delhi EV Policy offers the purchase and scrapping incentives over and above the incentives offered to EVs (Electric Vehicles) under the FAME-India phase-II scheme. 
  2. Combined with the exemption of road tax and registration fees on EVs, the cost of owning and operating electric three-wheelers and electric taxis reduce by approximately 26 and 35 percent respectively.

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