In 2015, when AAP came to power, this was the situation of the Transport sector in Delhi:

  • A road transport system which had stagnated in terms of capacity and quality
  • Significant safety concerns for commuters on buses
  • An ageing and outdated fleet of buses without a plan to modernize
  • Decreasing ridership

Now, in 2021 – after AAP:

  • One Delhi App launched for bus ticket booking, Open Transit Data made available for real-time ETAs and GPS feeds of all buses
  • CCTVs and Panic Buttons to be installed in all buses for enhanced safety
  • 2930 buses, including e-buses, to be added to the combined fleet
  • Bus marshals appointed in each bus, free bus rides for all women
  • The most aggressive EV policy in the country launched
Before 2015Now% changeData SourceGraph
Size of bus fleet2015- 2016:
(2930 more planned)
18% increase
DDC Performance Report (2015 – 2021) – Transport (Page 104)Size of bus fleet
Daily ridership on DTC Buses2016-2017:
40 lakh
46.62 Lakh
17% increase in 4 years within the AAP termDDC Performance Report (2015 – 2019) – Transport (Page 91)Daily ridership on DTC Buses
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