Higher Education Minister Ms. Atishi visited the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) on Monday to interact with budding entrepreneurs at the institute’s incubation center. During her visit, the minister sought suggestions from young entrepreneurs to promote entrepreneurship in higher education institutions of Delhi.

While interacting with the students, Ms. Atishi said, “In today’s rapidly-changing world, entrepreneurship has become a critical skill that students must possess. We must create an ecosystem that nurtures young entrepreneurs and provides them with the necessary resources and support to turn their ideas into successful ventures. I am delighted to interact with young entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions to address various social problems. It is inspiring to see the level of creativity and dedication these young people have, and I am confident that they will make a significant contribution to our society.”

She further added, “The Kejriwal government is committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education. We believe that the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and ecosystem is essential for our country’s economic growth and social development. I am happy to see that IIIT Delhi’s incubation center is playing a vital role in nurturing young entrepreneurs and providing them with the necessary support to realize their dreams.”

During the interaction, the minister listened to the entrepreneurs’ ideas and suggestions for improving the higher education model in Delhi. She appreciated their insights and assured them that the government would consider their suggestions while formulating policies to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education institutes run by the government.

While sharing their suggestions with the minister, students said that the incubation center had been instrumental in helping them turn their ideas into reality. The support and guidance provided by the mentors and experts there have been invaluable in helping them navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Being part of the incubation center has also given them access to a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs. It has provided them with opportunities to network, collaborate, and learn from others, which is crucial for startup growth. Students suggested that entrepreneurship education should be promoted on a larger scale in higher education institutions to promote the startup culture, and more such incubation centers should be established.

It is to be noted that the incubation center at Kejriwal Government’s IIIT Delhi is actively involved in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and environment that fosters the ideation, creation, and commercialization of ventures aligned with the center’s core theme. The center has been incubating various startups aiming to provide solutions to various social problems, and some of these startups have been featured on Shark Tank, one of India’s most popular entrepreneurship shows. So far, 64 unique startups have been initiated in IIIT Delhi’s incubation center.

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