गुरुवार को आम आदमी पार्टी के तीनों उम्मीदवारों ने दिल्ली के आगामी राज्यसभा चुनाव के लिए नामांकन किया। पार्टी कार्यालय से हज़ारों कार्यकर्ताओं के साथ पार्टी नेता संजय सिंह समेत बाकि दोनों प्रत्याशी एन डी गुप्ता और सुशील गुप्ता नामांकन करने के लिए पहुंचे। इस मौके पर संजय सिंह के साथ खुली गाड़ी में उनके पारिवार के सदस्य और पार्टी के वरिष्ठ नेता आशुतोष भी नज़र आए।

इससे पहले पार्टी के तीनों प्रत्याशी पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय कार्यालय पहुंचे जहां नामांकन पर्चा दाखिल करने से पहले उन्होंने पार्टी कार्यकर्ताओं से मुलाक़ात की और उनसे संवाद किया। आपको बता दें कि दिल्ली से राज्यसभा की तीन सीटें हैं जिनके चुनाव के लिए नामांकन की आखिरी तारीख 5 जनवरी है। आम आदमी पार्टी ने इन तीन राज्यसभा सीटों के लिए पार्टी के वरिष्ठ नेता संजय सिंह, समाजसेवक सुशील गुप्ता और मशहूर चार्टर्ड अकाउंटेंट एन डी गुप्ता को अपना उम्मीदवार बनाया है।

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Jitender Singh

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    • Abhishek

      A message to Shri Kumar Vishwas:
      Respected sir, after going through your recent interviews in NDTV or AAP ki Adalat (post your nonselection as RS nominee), I have below observations:
      a) You sir in non of the interviews have been able to ably putforward or even try to describe why you would have been the better candidate in comparison to person XYZ. The whole show (and ofcourse media food) is all about how much you have campaigned for the party and how much Mr XYZ have. This is not undermining the fact that you indeed have almost an outoftheworld oratory skills, but dont you think this party stands for principles, objectivity, calibre and not names (that you outrightly want to project).
      b) You have concluded that your entire perspiration and hardwork since more than 5 years have been unable to earn any fruit other than this RS nomination. Are you in a way stating that this what you have been campaigning for or are you stating that you have been a member of AAP subject to elevation to a formal post ‘satta’. Eitherways, is mere 5 or 10 years all you have in your personal quest to give the nation a ‘vikalp’?
      c) If at all you think the selection of nominees is based on money power, do you think they are going to donate their money to AAP (considering support is from PAC and not just Kejriwal)?
      d) Apart from being an ex-congressman what do you think Mr Gupta has which makes him unsuitable for the RS office?
      In all I disagree with your public outburst at the instance of your non-selection as RS nominee coupled with reasons as old as Yogendra Yadav’s expulsion and presenting yourself as an innocent and someone who just was washed away before. In actuality if you were indeed an avid politician, if you wanted to stop that split you could have avoided it. As far as the supporters are concerned, if you indeed have support why shouldn’t you stage a big shuffle in AAP if at all you are right and those with satta have gone corrupt? Why dont you think your alienation since last 6 months from AAP and frequent publicity to the same could be one big reason you have been kept out?


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