Kejriwal Government is organising a special summer camp for Delhi government school students at Indraprastha Institute of Technology Delhi (IIITD) from May 23 to June 18. This is the seventh year of the special summer camp held at IIIT Delhi, which was inaugurated by the Higher Education Minister Ms. Atishi today. Since 2016, the camp has been organised by the institute every year. Children from nearby schools of the Delhi government participate in this camp, with nearly 250 children from schools near Kalkaji, Harkesh Nagar, Tughlakabad, and other areas taking part this year.

During her address to the children, Ms. Atishi stated, “This special summer camp is going to be an exciting journey for the students. Right from day one, they will learn something new every day. They will learn to work in teams and respect each other. What they learn here will help them tackle the challenges of everyday life and give them the confidence to utilize their skills for self-improvement.”

She also highlighted that this special summer camp is part of the vision of former Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia. Under his guidance, IIITD has been organising this summer camp since 2016. The camp aims to help children understand that education is not limited to the classroom and textbooks alone, allowing them to explore the world outside and learn new things.

Appreciating the efforts of IIIT Delhi for organising this camp, the Higher Education Minister said, “Through its special summer camp, the Delhi government is creating a unique environment for learning and skill development for the students of government schools. IIIT Delhi has not only focused on enhancing the children’s skills but has also provided guidance regarding their career paths through this camp.”

Ms. Atishi also stated, “Through these unique programs in Kejriwal government institutions, our effort is to encourage students studying in our schools to utilise their summer vacations meaningfully and improve themselves. They should learn something that will be helpful for their future. In this regard, this camp plays a crucial role.”

It is worth noting that students from Delhi government schools like GBSSS Harkesh Nagar and GBSSS Kalkaji are participating in this four-week-long special summer camp, taking place from May 23 to June 18.

Activities at the special summer camp include upskilling in various subjects such as science, mathematics, entrepreneurship, life skills, professional development, and communication. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as theater, art and craft, marketing, and more.

New Activities at Special Summer Camp this year

Applied Science: This year’s module will focus on the application of scientific facts and concepts, aiming to develop critical and creative scientific thinking in students. Practical sessions will be organized in EC labs to provide hands-on experience.

Astronomy: Astronomy has been included in this year’s summer camp to make it interesting for students. The concepts will be covered in a highly engaging manner to captivate the students’ interest. Topics such as the solar system, galaxies, and astronomical phenomena, including black holes, will be explored.

Analytical Reasoning: This module has also been included in the summer camp this year. It teaches students to break down complex problems into smaller parts and solve them. Through this module, students will develop the ability to think critically and identify patterns, connections, and relationships among various pieces of information. These skills will assist students in problem-solving across various fields such as science, engineering, and other areas.

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