A video series has been launched on Sunday by the Kejriwal Government to take the philosophy of the Happiness Curriculum to people across the world and help them understand the real purpose of life. This series will help educators understand the purpose of life and the role education can play in achieving it. This 36-episode series started by the Education Department of the Delhi Government is an initiative to share the purpose of life and the role of education in achieving that purpose with the whole world.

The Education Department of the Delhi Government will also share this video series with top universities and institutions across the world and incorporate their suggestions to further enrich its Happiness Curriculum.

During the launch of the series, while congratulating the participants, Education Minister Ms Atishi said, “It is a great achievement of Team Education which prepared these videos in such a short time period. It is a commendable step taken by the team to make this philosophy easily accessible to people living around the world. This video series is available with subtitles which will help the Delhi government spread the philosophy of the Happiness Curriculum to a larger public. This is a very significant initiative of Delhi’s Education Department, through which people will be able to get the right direction and learn to serve humanity in the truest sense.”

The Education Minister added, “Through these videos, teachers and students of Delhi can share what we have learned from the Happiness Curriculum with the rest of the world. Through education, we can bring positive changes in our attitude towards life and improve our way of life.”

On this occasion, Education Director Shri Himanshu Gupta said, “For a teacher teaching in the classroom, it is necessary to have good character along with knowledge because children see their teachers as their idols. That’s why it is very important to build the character and personality of the teacher. In this direction, the Happiness Curriculum has played a very important role in the character-building and professional development of Delhi government school teachers. Whatever our teachers have learned, now is the time that we spread that knowledge to the rest of the people across the world and help them lead a happy and purposeful life.”

It is to be noted that on Happiness Delhi’s YouTube channel, every Wednesday at 7:30 pm and every Sunday at 9:00 am, the new episodes of the series ‘Jeevan Vidya – A Way of Living’ will be telecasted.

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