Lieutenant Governor Shri VK Saxena addressed the Delhi Legislative Assembly on Friday. He commended the development work carried out by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi. The LG highlighted the efforts of the Kejriwal government in achieving significant growth in the areas of education, healthcare, infrastructure, and tourism, among others. He also noted that the Delhi Government has doubled the pace of progress in the state.

Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal expressed his gratitude towards the Lieutenant Governor for acknowledging the development brought about by the AAP government in the city. “Everyone today heard the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Shri VK Saxena say that since the AAP-led government came to power in Delhi the city has developed at twice the pace.” The CM stated that this development has taken place in several areas such as education, healthcare, construction of roads, providing electricity and water connection to the residents of Delhi, developing tourism and infrastructure within the city. “An incredible amount of development has taken place in Delhi in the last 5-7 years,” he added.

He informed that in his speech the LG also said that there were a lot of impediments and despite that the Delhi Government went on to achieve so much. “We have seen time and again that there have been conspiracies to obstruct the works of the Delhi Government. But despite all these problems the AAP-led government in Delhi has taken the residents along in its decision and worked hard to develop Delhi as per the needs of the citizens. This is a fact that not only the residents of Delhi but the citizens of the country acknowledge,” he said.

The LG was addressing the budget session which began in the Delhi Assembly today. The session started with the national anthem. After this, Lieutenant Governor Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena addressed the state. In his address, LG placed the achievements of the Kejriwal government in front of the people of Delhi. The LG said in his address that the Kejriwal government has tried its best to achieve a strong economy while overcoming all the challenges including COVID-19. The Delhi government has done excellent work in every field including education, health, electricity, water, he said.

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