Councillor, East MCD, Sundar Nagri


Vimlesh Koli is the elected Councillor from Sundar Nagri Ward (E-60), East MCD. Daughter of a private security guard, Vimlesh has lived her entire life in a small room of a Sundar Nagri slum. In 2005, she joined Arvind Kejriwal’s organisation Parivartan and under his guidance, started taking up the issues of women in the slum. Her work in the area for the last decade made her a popular figure, leading to a comfortable electoral victory in the 2017 MCD elections.

Vimlesh became an integral part of the team of volunteers who built and lead the India Against Corruption movement from 2011 onwards and has always been a loyal foot soldier of the Aam Aadmi Party ever since. Her journey from being an ordinary AAP volunteer from a disadvantaged background to now being the elected Councillor in her ward is spectacular.

Vimlesh’s rise in the party bears testament to the fact that the Aam Aadmi Party continues to be the only party which provides a genuine platform for honest, hardworking people to win elections, regardless of the financial backing they have. Honest politics can succeed without money and muscle power, and Vimlesh’s story is a great example of that!


Due to the difficult circumstances of her family, Vimlesh did not study further after completing her Class 12.