Councillor, South MCD – Dakshinpuri (74-S)


Prem Ram Dayal is Aam Aadmi Party’s councillor from Dakshinpuri Ward (74-S). He was working as a merchandiser in a garment export business for 10 years when he joined India Against Corruption movement. Driven to clean the politics of our nation, he joined Aam Aadmi Party as its volunteer and since then has been working hard for the party. He had played an instrumental role in Delhi Assembly Elections in the mobilisation of voters in his constituency. He realised the importance of education and hence pursuing his Bachelors degree at this age.

Since Aam Aadmi Party has come to power, he has been working as Vidhan Sabha Coordinator of School Management Committees and has made substantial contributions towards making our schools cleaner. Having identified students’ absenteeism as a main issue of schools in his constituency, he actively worked with several parents from the community and has improved the students’ attendance leading to improvement in the results of these students. He worked with local people to identify out of school children and enrol them in nearest government schools and even played an active role in the identification and documentation process for admissions under EWS Quota in private schools.

He seeks to make education as central agenda of his election campaign and is committed to ensuring our children have access to all the opportunities that he couldn’t get in his lifetime.