Member, Political Affairs Committee & National Executive
National Spokesperson


A renowned and celebrated Hindi-language performance poet, Dr Kumar Vishwas is a member of the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) and a National Spokesperson of the Aam Aadmi Party. Vishwas is presently the in- charge of the party in Rajasthan and is gearing up for the state assembly polls scheduled in 2018.  

Vishwas was a key leader of the Jan Lokpal Movement that began in 2011, and has been a fiery and inspiring orator, who captures audiences at ease. He has been in-charge of Communications in the party in the past and played a critical role in the initial days of the party’s social media growth.

Dr. Vishwas has worked as a regular columnist, writing articles for different magazines and many other publications on different social issues. Common people, renowned leaders, journalists, business tycoons and famous personalities have all acknowledged and appreciated him as a writer and as a politician.


Dr Kumar Vishwas has done an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Hindi literature.