New Delhi: 27/05/2016

  • Surprise inspection at Weight/Measures Office results in irregularities/bad hygienic conditions

Food and Civil Supplies Minister Mr Imran Hussain conducted a surprise inspection of North West District Zonal Office of Weight and Measures Department located at Wazirpur Industrial Area.
During the inspection, a number of irregularities were noticed. The Laboratory of the District office was found closed even on the Lab Day when it was meant to be open for calibrating the instruments. When the Minister sought explanation from the Officers/ Officials concerned they could not offer any immediate cogent reasons for the same.

Mr Hussain directed for immediate suspension of Junior Metrological Assistant concerned and Show Cause Notice to the Zonal Officer. He also directed for calling explanations of the concerned Legal Metrological Officer and Assistant Controller.

The Minister also directed Commissioner of Food and Civil Supplies to conduct a detailed inquiry into the matter within a week.

During the inspection, Mr Hussain also noticed that a number of verification certificates were lying prepared without any supporting documents such as bill of repairer etc., apparently in violation of the rules.

The record keeping of the official documents was also not found satisfactory by the Minister.
The functioning of calibration equipments for Auto/ Taxi metres also not found upto the mark.

Stray dogs were found lying outside the chamber of Zonal Officer In-charge and in public toilets. The premises were found to be in inhuman and inhospitable conditions. Cleanliness level was very poor.
Mr Hussain directed the Department to ensure that office premises are kept clean and there is proper Reception Counter for the convenience of public at the Zonal office. Further, the Department needs to ensure display of citizen charter at prominent locations, proper name plates of the officers/ officials concerned outside their chamber, facilities for the convenience of public etc.

The Minister stressed the need for training and sensitising its officers/ officials regarding public service orientation and ensuring proper cooperation to the public.

It was made clear that the Government will not tolerate any laxity or any instance of corruption at the level of any govt. officer/ official.

Mr Hussain also informed that surprise inspections will be carried out in other offices as well from time-to-time in order to ensure timely delivery of services to the citizens of Delhi.

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