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Dear Fellow Indian,

We are excited to launch the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) WhatsApp News Channel that promises to provide you authentic and up-to-date news of the progress in Delhi. In this era of fake and paid news, many of you have asked us to create a channel for our up-to-date news from Delhi. We finally have launched this channel to achieve that.

So don’t wait. Please subscribe to AAP WhatsApp News channel.

To do so, send “Subscribe” to +91-7290036900 from your WhatsApp. Or Click on the Green Button above

Please be aware this WhatsApp News has a small subscription cost of Rs 100/year (30 paisa/per day). This is a not-for-profit effort by Outreach Team and the cost is towards the maintenance of the service.

AAP runs on clean money and Party does not have big money to reach you through TV, Newspaper or other ads. Hence, we are setting up WhatsApp News to reach you directly with authentic from the ground reports.

With the support of a generous donor, we managed to get you a first month free subscription, so we can gain your confidence and prove you that WhatsApp News deserves your time and money.

Thank you for Subscribing,

Outreach Team
Volunteers, Aam Aadmi Party

You have to browse this page from your smartphone or tablet.
Please go to your smart device and browse this link to opt in for AAP news broadcasts on WhatsApp.