The Kejriwal government is making consistent efforts to enhance the prospects of differently-abled students in Delhi. In pursuit of this objective, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal led a significant initiative on Monday. Under his guidance, free Daisy players were distributed to visually impaired children in Delhi. Shri Raaj Kumar Anand, the Social Welfare Minister of the Delhi Government, personally visited the Government Senior Secondary School for Blind Boys at Sewa Kutir Kingsway Camp to distribute Wi-Fi-enabled Daisy Players on behalf of the government. The program was attended by Garima Gupta, Secretary of the Social Welfare Department, Anjali Sehrawat, Director, Principal JL Sharma of the Government Senior Secondary School for Blind Boys, and teachers from Seva Kutir Kingsway Camp.

While addressing the students during the event, Shri Raaj Kumar Anand highlighted that the Delhi government, led by Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, is dedicated to the well-being of individuals with disabilities and stands firmly beside them. The Kejriwal government has introduced a new and improved scheme called “Sugamya Sahayak Yojana” for the benefit of the disabled community. For the first time in Delhi, the government will provide artificial limbs and equipment, such as automatic tricycles, free of cost for 20 different types of disabilities through this scheme.

Shri Anand said, “The Wi-Fi-enabled Daisy Player would prove highly beneficial for blind students in their studies. This remarkable device functions as both an e-book reader and a comprehensive speech-enabled tool. It enables children to record complete classroom lectures in both Hindi and English languages, facilitating later review while studying. The device has a storage capacity of up to 300 hours of lecture recordings. Moreover, it supports languages other than Hindi, enabling blind students to comprehend various languages effortlessly. The Delhi government is committed to integrating visually impaired students into the mainstream education system through the use of modern equipment.”

While addressing the students at the distribution program, Shri Anand emphasised that having a disability is not within anyone’s control, so they should never feel inferior and always have courage. He reassured the students that with determination and dedication in their studies, every child can achieve great success. Shri Anand said, “The disability lies not in the disabled individuals but in our system, as we have not been able to provide a structure that caters to their needs. However, if we develop a framework that considers their requirements, their disability will cease to exist. I assure all Divyangjans that the Kejriwal government will always stand by them, supporting them in both their joys and sorrows.”

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