Old Age Homes

The AAP Delhi government is providing free of cost the facility to senior citizens of staying at Old Age Homes. 

The inmates are provided food, bedding, clothing, medicines, medical facilities like physio, recreational facilities, counselling for anxiety and depression. These old age homes are staffed round the clock. Daily medical checkups are done by doctor and staff nurse. 

By Feb 2018, the Government had established two Old Age Homes – one at Bindapur, Pocket –IV, Dwarka, Delhi, being run by the Department directly, and another at Lampur being run in collaboration with an NGO.

A resident of Delhi Govt’s Old Age Home praises the AAP govt – “I’ve stayed in Goa, Mumbai, Rohtak old age homes but this is the best.”

Shelters – Night Shelters / Day Shelters

As of 20th Dec 2021, 206 such permanent shelters and 190 temporary shelters are being run by Delhi govt serving nearly 12,000 homeless every day, including free meals. Out of the 206 permanent shelter homes, 81 are operational in RCC buildings and 111 in porta cabins throughout the year.

In Sep 2020, there were 262 night shelters in Delhi with an estimated capacity to house 21,000 people. However, due to the Covid social distancing requirement, the intake at the night shelters has been reduced.

The night shelters are run by various NGOs. 

As per the Winter Action Plan for 2021, an additional 250 temporary homes were planned to be set up before Dec 1st to cater to 2,000 more people in high-concentration areas because the number of homeless increases during winter.

(Source: Times of India)

7 year report card

On 1st March 2022, Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam provided a 7 year report card, including improvements done in Homes and Shelters.

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