The Sindhi Academy organised a cultural event in collaboration in Malviya Nagar, celebrating Sindhi culture and heritage. This historic and first-of-its-kind celebration featured an evening of amazing multilingual music and Sindhi cuisine. The MLA for Malviya Nagar, Shri Somnath Bharti, was the special guest of the evening and reiterated the commitment of the Kejriwal Government to celebrate the cultural diversity of Delhittes.

The cultural night held at the Sindhi Academy featured a celebration of multilingual music and Sindhi food and culture. The star performer for the evening was Singer Pinky Maidasani, who stole the show and sang songs in Punjabi, Haryanavi, and Bengali in addition to the Sindhi language. Apart from this, the Brahma Kumaris branch of Malviya Nagar performed patriotic songs, which were deeply appreciated. The event was a success, with the place packed to the brink and the audience staying for hours enjoying the food and music.

The event at the local level was the result of the collaboration between the Sindhi Academy, the office of the MLA Shri Bharti, and the Malviya Nagar Market Welfare Association. The MLA for Malviya Nagar, Shri Somnath Bharti was the special guest for the evening and interacted with members of the Malviya Nagar community. The Councillor for Malviya Nagar Smt Leena Kumar, and the Councillor for Hauz Khas Shri Kamal Bhardwaj were also in attendance and enjoyed the performances and Sindhi food.

Shri Bharti was thrilled by the success of the event, and many citizens of the local community expressed their appreciation for the Kejriwal Government for organising such cultural events. Shri Bharti said, “Music binds people beyond the boundaries of caste, religion, region and every other parameter dividing humanity as one family. Such a beautiful attempt to unite humanity through music is the most befitting response given to the divisive politics of the BJP by the Arvind Kejriwal Government. While the Delhi Government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, is spending a majority of its budget on education to educate people of all religions, castes and regions and become one unit for mother India, BJP is out to divide Indians for its selfish agenda.” This is the message Shri Bharti gave to the audience, which came in huge numbers to attend the musical evening. Shri Bharti confirmed that the Kejriwal Government seeks to continue to put up cultural events for the people of Delhi to enjoy and experience the rich culture of its citizens.

Shri Bharti tweeted after the event, “Thanks to Delhi CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal and Art n Culture Minister Ms Atishi Ji that through Sindhi Academy, Malviya Nagar experienced a historic n first ever amazing evening of multi-lingual music and Sindhi food.”

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