The Delhi Government has been awarded the State Leadership Award – EV Policy at the India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)’s 6th Industry Excellence Awards 2023 for its commendable efforts in promoting sustainable transportation through its Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy. The event was held at Pragati Maidan and was attended by notable personalities from the industry. N Mohan, CEO of Delhi EV Cell, accepted the award on behalf of the Government of Delhi.

Congratulating the entire EV Cell team, Delhi’s Transport Minister Shri Kailash Gahlot said, “Since 2022, Delhi has seen immense growth both in electric vehicle sales and charging infrastructure. The Transport Department of the Delhi Government and the Delhi EV cell, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has worked tirelessly in promoting sustainable transportation in Delhi. Additionally, inclusion of stakeholders while formulating the Delhi EV policy and key schemes under it over the years has played an important part in helping Delhi to become the EV capital of India. I would like to congratulate the Transport Department and the Delhi EV cell for achieving this feat”.

The Delhi Government has been acknowledged for its comprehensive and ambitious Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, which aims to establish the city as a front-runner in sustainable transportation. The policy incentivises the adoption of electric vehicles, facilitates the installation of charging infrastructure, and promotes battery manufacturing, creating a supportive ecosystem for EVs in India. The award celebrates the Kejriwal Government’s exceptional contribution towards these initiatives, highlighting its efforts to promote clean and sustainable transportation.

The Delhi Government’s EV policy has been instrumental in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the city. It has also created new opportunities for businesses in the EV sector, promoting innovation and growth in the industry. The State Leadership Award – EV Policy is a testament to the Kejriwal Government’s commitment to sustainable transportation and its efforts to create a cleaner and greener future for the city.

The Delhi EV policy, which was launched in Aug 2020, has seen good growth across the years. Till April 2023, Delhi had registered 1.17 lacs Electric Vehicles during this period. In 2022 itself, Delhi registered 62,241 EVs and is expected to touch 1 lakh EV sales in 2023. In Dec 2022, Delhi also achieved EV contribution of 16.8% of the overall vehicles sold. Complementing the EV sales, Delhi’s charging infrastructure has been boosted by nearly 4,000 charging points across the city and is expected to have 18,000 charging points by 2025.

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