Warning voters against the anti-woman and sexist attitude of BJP South Delhl Lok Sabha candidate Ramesh Bidhuri, AAP candidate for the seat Raghav Chadha said it was very disturbing that someone who has used “abusive” language against women MPs should be trying again to become an MP.

“Mr. Bidhuri has used sexist and abusive language against Lok Sabha women MPs, mocking and taunting them. If he can abuse women who are Lok Sabha MPs, what a terrible message the BJP is sending the women of Delhi, especially of South Delhi, by reappointing such a misogynist and someone who is so disrespectful of women,” Raghav said.

In 2015, five women MPs from the Congress, CPI (M), NCP and Trinamool Congress complained to the Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan about Bidhuri’s abusive behavior, including mocking a Congress woman MP that she should “divorce” her husband.

Women MPs complained against BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s “sexist, abusive and derogatory” language in Lok Sabha. The five MPs — Ranjeet Ranjan, Sushmita Dev (both Congress), Supriya Sule (NCP), Arpita Ghosh (Trinamool Congress) and PK Sreemathi Teacher (CPI-M) – said that Bidhuri abused them during the pandemonium in the house following the suspension of 25 Congress MPs in August nearly four years ago.

When asked about the complaints at that time Bidhuri showed no repentance but rather further evidence of his misogyny and contempt for women. “They are taking undue advantage of being women,” Bidhuri said then.

A video of TV9BharatVarsh reporters had also recently gone viral on the internet where the MP can be clearly seen losing his temper and intimidating the young girls. Speaking on the matter, Raghav said, “It is evident from the said video that ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ is just hollow slogan for the BJP and that the leaders indulge in harassment of any reporter who dares to question and expose their failures.”

His brazen behavior also caused women Councillors of the BJP to lodge a written and official complaint demanding action against him. 

“It is no surprise that people of South Delhi fear visiting their MP as he is known to be abusive, brash, unreliable and disrespectful. Given the total disrespect he has shown as an MP to women, BJP should not have nominated him as a candidate again but it did showing the party’s chauvinist and contemptuous attitude for women voters. But I am sure the women of Delhi have understood that they do not need an MP who disrespects them and will reply in a befitting manner to BJP’s misogyny at the ballot box,” Raghav said. 

Delhi Commission of Women chief Swati Maliwal had also condemned Bidhuri’s sexist remarks

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