Education Minister Ms. Atishi interacted with members of the Student Advisory Boards (SABs) across various Delhi government schools on Wednesday. The meet took place at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya Co-Ed Moti Bagh-II Nanakpura, where the Minister engaged with students to encourage them to take on leadership roles in their schools and be the crusader of change they want to see in their schools.

The Student Advisory Boards were started as a pilot project by the Directorate of Education last year to increase student participation in leadership roles at the school level. The SABs were designed to help students develop a sense of ownership in their school by designing, managing, and executing various school activities.

While interacting with the students, Education Minister Ms. Atishi said, “Such Student Advisory Boards were seen in premier private schools earlier. Hardly anyone would have imagined such Student Advisory Boards in government schools but with the vision to provide a world-class learning platform to every student, this has been made possible in Delhi government schools. Through the Student Advisory Boards, we aim to create a platform for students to take ownership of their schools and become leaders in their communities.” She added that the boards have provided students with the opportunity to develop important skills such as responsibility, sensitivity towards issues, and team management, which will benefit them in their future endeavors.

While sharing their experiences with the School Advisory Board, the students said that this unique initiative has helped boost their confidence. In addition, this has contributed to their professional development and improved their leadership skills as well as time management and other related skills.

The students also mentioned that this program has made them aware of their abilities and helped them understand themselves better. It has been instrumental in developing every skill that will help them overcome the challenges that come their way in their daily lives.

Ms. Atishi further said, “We are proud of the efforts made by the students in organizing various school events and activities. This shows their commitment to their school and their desire to make a positive impact. We will continue to provide the necessary resources and support to empower students to take on leadership roles and contribute towards the development of their schools and communities.”

The boards under the guidance of teacher coordinators appointed by DoE have formed various committees in schools such as the Cultural Committee, Academic Advisory Committee, Discipline and Wellness Committee, Anti-bullying Committee, Deshbhakti and EMC Committee, Sports and Fitness Committee, Environment and Sustainability Committee. Within a very small period, they have also taken the responsibility of organizing various events such as the Annual Function, Sports Day, Delegation School visits, Youth Parliament, Competitions and exhibitions, Road Safety meets, Mega PTMs, Debates, Peer interactions and learnings.

The formation of the Student Advisory Board has helped students develop skills such as a sense of responsibility, sensitivity towards issues, leadership, and team management, and boosted confidence in students. The boards have also provided a platform for students to voice their opinions and ideas, which can be implemented for the betterment of their schools.

Education Minister Ms. Atishi commended the students for their efforts and encouraged them to continue taking on leadership roles in their schools. She emphasized the importance of student involvement in decision-making processes and expressed her commitment to providing the necessary resources for students to develop their leadership skills.

“The Student Advisory Boards have proven to be a successful initiative in promoting student leadership and engagement in school activities,” she said. The Directorate of Education plans to expand this project to all other government schools across Delhi, empowering more students to become leaders of tomorrow.

It is to be noted that the SABs along with two teacher coordinators have two students per section from grades 7, 8, 9 and 11 who are elected to become a member of the board. Students are elected into the SAB through intra-section elections. Sardar Patel School has played the role of a partner in the Student Advisory Board initiative. Also, the members of the SABs were trained by Teach for India, an organisation working on student leadership.

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