To promote tourism and provide the citizens of Delhi with an opportunity to celebrate India’s diverse cultural heritage, the Kejriwal government is organising an ‘Itra and Sugandhi Festival’ in the national capital. The three-day festival, being organised at the Sunder Nursery in Nizamuddin will allow visitors to experience a vast array of perfumes as well as enjoy Qawwali and Ghazal performances. Delhi’s Tourism Minister Ms. Atishi, inaugurated the festival on Friday.

On this occasion, Tourism Minister Ms Atishi said that the ‘Itra and Sugandhi Festival’ organised by the Delhi Tourism Department is part of several key initiatives of the Delhi government to promote tourism and provide a platform for traditional industries to grow and thrive. Delhi’s tourism department regularly organises such events under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal to promote art, culture, and traditional employment opportunities in the city.

Ms. Atishi added that ‘itra’ is an ancient traditional industry in the country that has provided livelihood opportunities to people for centuries. At a time when traditional and cottage industries are disappearing and at the brink of collapse, events such as the ‘Itra and Sugandhi Festival’ aim to provide a larger platform for these traditional industries to emerge at the forefront of Indian culture & traditional employment. These festivals will help preserve our cultural heritage, for it to grow and develop further.

The Tourism Department of Delhi is organising the Itra & Sugandhi Festival from 17th to 19th March at the Sunder Nursery in Nizamuddin. In this Festival, people can experience a vast array of perfumes from 12 noon to 10 pm, along with qawwali and ghazal programs. Discussions on aromatherapy and perfume will also be organised. The fair will include stalls for handicrafts, artisanal products, and various cuisines. Through the fest, common people will also be made aware about how fragrances are prepared from flowers.

The performances of the renowned Nizami Brothers and Nooran Sisters will be the centre of attraction at the festival. Well-known artists will perform at programs over the three days of the festival.

The main attractions of the Itra & Sugandhi festival are:
• Lecture on aromatherapy, perfume, and fragrances
• Q&A and slogan competition on perfumes and fragrances
• Demonstration of making fragrances, rose water, incense sticks, and kuppis
• Presentation of fragrances in traditional bottles
• Demonstration of Panchakarma
• Demonstration of aromatherapy
• Demonstration of perfume making
• Process of making Gulakand.

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