After the rainfall, today PWD Minister Ms. Atishi inspected the centralized monsoon control room of the PWD to assess the waterlogging situation across the city. During the inspection, Ms. Atishi personally monitored all the complaints received regarding waterlogging. She cross-verified the status of complaints with the residents herself and found that the department had promptly resolved the issues reported. She also applauded the officials for their efforts.

Ms. Atishi also had conversations with the engineers of the affected areas where waterlogging issues occurred to evaluate the immediate situation. During her visit, Ms. Atishi instructed the officials to submit a report on the areas in Delhi where waterlogging issues were reported today and the steps taken by the department to address them.

On this occasion, Ms. Atishi said, “The Delhi government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, is taking every necessary step to address the waterlogging issues during the monsoon season. In that direction, the PWD’s control room is playing a significant role in resolving the waterlogging problems in Delhi. Through this modern control room, the department is able to identify the waterlogged areas and take immediate action.”

In the control room, Ms. Atishi herself monitored the areas affected by waterlogging and cross-checked whether the department had taken the necessary steps to address the problem or not. During this process, Ms. Atishi found that the department promptly acknowledged the issues raised by the people. She appreciated the engineers for their efforts.

The officials informed the PWD Minister Ms. Atishi that the control room keeps a 24×7 watch on the critical waterlogged areas of the city through CCTV cameras. Additionally, the PWD has issued a WhatsApp number and a toll-free number for people to register their complaints regarding waterlogging. When people call or message the control room regarding waterlogging issues, the control room operator immediately records the complaint online. After registering the complaint, it is forwarded to the respective area engineer. Once the complaint is received, the engineer sends their team to the affected location and takes the necessary steps to address the waterlogging problem. The report is then sent back to the control room. This means that within a few hours of receiving the complaint, it is resolved and addressed.

It is to be noted that people can register waterlogging complaints by WhatsApp at 8130188222 and by calling 011-23490323, 1800110093 during waterlogging situations.

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