Environment Minister Shri Gopal Rai announced the launch of an anti-open burning campaign in Delhi on Friday. He said that under the Summer Action Plan, the Kejriwal government is going to start an anti-open burning campaign in Delhi for a month from May 15 onwards. Under this campaign, 231 patrolling teams during the day and 186 patrolling teams at night will be deployed from 7 departments. Along with this, instructions have also been issued to DPCC and MCD for 24-hour strict monitoring of landfill sites.

Shri Gopal Rai said, “On May 1, Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal unveiled the Summer Action Plan to reduce pollution levels during the summer time. The concerned departments have begun their work to put it into practice on the ground based on this. As part of this effort, the Anti-Open Burning Campaign will commence in Delhi on May 15th and continue for an entire month until June 15th. The campaign will involve 231 patrolling teams consisting of 665 personnel during the day and 186 patrolling teams consisting of 564 personnel at night from 7 different departments. These teams will work around the clock to monitor and prevent incidents of open burning in Delhi. Their findings will be reported to the Environment Department on a regular basis. Additionally, the Delhi Fire Service and Forest Department have been instructed to keep special vigilance in this context.”

He further said, “A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has also been prepared to prevent incidents of fire at landfill sites. Instructions have been given to strictly implement this SOP, so that incidents of fire at landfill sites can be prevented. Along with this, DPCC and MCD have been instructed to continuously monitor the sites to prevent incidents of fire at landfill sites.”

Special attention to be paid to landfill sites

• 24*7 deployment of personnel and CCTVs
• Fire tender deployment
• Prohibition of entry of unauthorized persons & rag pickers
• Declaring and maintaining “No Smoking Zone.
• Monitoring of subsurface temperature.

Shri Gopal Rai concluded, “Under the Summer Action Plan, out of 14 points, 2 immediate action plans have been prepared, which have also been ordered to be strictly implemented across Delhi. We are hopeful that under both the immediate action plan – Anti Dust Campaign and Anti Open Burning – pollution in the summer season in Delhi will be reduced to a great extent.”

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