In a shocking incident, BJP councillors attacked MCD Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi, putting her life in danger. Fortunately, she was saved thanks to the bravery of three women police officers who shielded her. The incident occurred just as Dr Shelly Oberoi was announcing the final result of the Standing Committee. This is the second time the voting process for Standing Committee members has taken place, with the first being disrupted by BJP councillors.

AAP Senior Leader and MLA Ms Atishi said that BJP has once again shown an example of its hooliganism. “On Friday, the voting process to elect the members of the Standing Committee took place once again and it was all peaceful even until the counting process. But as soon as the BJP realised that it was at the losing end, their members climbed onto the stage and physically tried to attack Mayor Dr Shelly Oberoi. She eventually was forced to to escape the attack and save her life. But even outside the House, some male councillors of the BJP tried to physically assault her. We strongly condemn this behaviour of the BJP. During the counting, when they realised that they were going to lose by one vote, they suddenly got violent and tried to assault the Mayor,” she said.

She said that the whole nation is embarrassed at the behaviour exhibited by the BJP today. “From the very beginning it was clear that they did not want the elections to take place. They delayed the process by over eight months and finally conducted the elections only after the Supreme Court directed them to do it. After that when they lost in the MCD, they tried to unconstitutionally get the Aldermen to vote. The Aam Aadmi Party was forced to take the matter to the Supreme Court and the Apex court made it clear that AAP was right all along. It was after this entire process that the BJP agreed to the election and despite the court order to complete the voting process at the earliest, on Wednesday we saw BJP councillors physically attack AAP councillors and take the ballot box and run away,” she said.

She added that this morning the Mayor accepted all the conditions put forward by the BJP. The voting was restarted and no one was allowed to take their mobile phones inside while going in to vote. Despite all of that, the moment BJP realised that they were losing the election, they decided to physically attack the Mayor. “What kind of hooliganism is this?, Ms Atishi asked, appealing to the BJP that they have to learn to accept the mandate of the people. “The residents of Delhi gave AAP a convincing win and therefore the BJP should let AAP form the government and run the MCD for the next five years. This kind of booth capturing was not seen even 30 years ago. Today in front of the entire nation with the cameras focused on them they had no shame in cheating in the electoral process. We will take this matter to the police and the judiciary and we want all those BJP councillors who attacked Dr Shelly Oberoi to be sent to jail,” she said.

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