Higher Education Minister Ms. Atishi inaugurated the 67th Annual Art Exhibition hosted by the Kejriwal Government’s College of Art and interacted with aspiring artists who had displayed their artworks at the exhibition. While interacting with the art students, she encouraged them to use their artistic skills in a positive manner and contribute towards a better society. This exhibition attracted art lovers and academic professionals from all over the country who were treated with a diverse range of artworks in different mediums. Following the event, the Minister conferred awards on the artists and students of the College of Arts.

During the event, Ms. Atishi said, “Art serves as a unique medium to express one’s ideas to a wider audience, and artists have a responsibility to use their talent and creativity to contribute positively to society. They must consider the messages they are conveying through their art and ensure that they are accurate, respectful, and have the potential to inspire positive change.”

She added that the artworks showcased in the exhibition are thought-provoking and show that the budding artists there are deeply concerned about their surroundings and have a great sense of responsibility while depicting their ideas through art. Ms. Atishi further said, “Under the leadership of CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal, the government is focusing on developing all forms of education, and art is one of them. We will ensure all world-class facilities to students so that they can develop their talent to build a better nation.”

The exhibits at the College of Arts were executed using innovative technologies and inspired designs and encompassed creative works of advertisements, animation, posters, photography, display designs, packaging designs, illustrations, and more. The paintings, sculptures, and installations on display at the exhibition reflected contemporary and modern thoughts and digital innovative art, the creativity of the artists, designers, visualizers, and sculptors.

The special displays were done by all the students of six specializations at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and the Foundation Section. Numerous works of art defined the inherent knowledge of not only the academic skills but also the creativity of the students.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the College of Art managed to organize this exhibition and bring together a diverse range of art forms that inspire and captivate visitors. The burst of activity and serenity of artworks make this art exposition a must-visit for all.

The College of Art is a premier institute for art education in India. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various art disciplines. The College of Art has produced some of the most renowned artists and designers in the country.

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