After losing the elections of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Municipal Corporation of Delhi, BJP leaders have resorted to hooliganism. During the meeting of the House, the BJP councillors could be seen openly committing hooliganism.

Dr Shelly Oberoi, the Mayor of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, tweeted that BJP councillors tried to attack her when she was conducting the election of the Standing Committee as per the order of the Supreme Court. The extent of BJP’s hooliganism is that they are trying to attack a woman, she said.

After learning about the attack attempt, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that it is absolutely shocking and unacceptable.

Senior Aam Aadmi Party Leader and MLA Ms Atishi said that the BJP did not want to hold MCD elections from day one, be it the election of mayor, deputy mayor or standing committee. “Following the orders of the Supreme Court, the election of mayor and deputy mayor has been held today. But after the election of mayor, deputy mayor, BJP’s hooliganism started again. BJP does not want to allow the standing committee elections. Every time the voting for the standing committee elections starts, the BJP councillors start hooliganism. Now, crossing all limits, BJP councillors have attacked Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi. Not only female councillors but also male councillors tried to attack her on the stage.”

She said that if the BJP lost the elections, they would have to accept the people’s mandate. BJP is repeatedly committing hooliganism. “Don’t try to get your government built through hooliganism,” she remarked.

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