First state to implement Environment Compensation Charge (ECC)
On the orders of the Supreme Court in 2016, Delhi became the first state to implement Environment Compensation Charge (ECC). An ECC of 1% will have to be paid for the registration of diesel cars above 2000 cc in Delhi.

Delhi has the largest network of e-rickshaws
By making e-rickshaws available at a subsidised rate of Rs. 30,000, Delhi has created the largest network of e-rickshaws in the country — promoting clean last mile connectivity.

Imposition of heavy fines for construction during peak pollution season
Delhi Government also put a ban on construction sites during peak pollution seasons. Heavy fines upto Rs. 8 crores were imposed against violators.

Increased green cover by 1,100 hectares
Delhi’s green cover has increased from around 20.2% in 2015 to 20.6% in 2017 (Forest Survey of India Report 2009- 2017) – an increase of about 1100 hectares.

First state to ban coal completely
We put a complete ban in the use of coal in Delhi. Delhi is the first modular state which has no coal-based power plants.

24 hour access to electricity has made diesel generators redundant
By providing 24 hours electricity at subsidised rates, we were successful in making diesel based power generators completely redundant.

Appointment of Environment Marshalls to curb garbage burning
As a one of its kind measure, we appointed Environment Marshalls which keep a strong vigilance on garbage burning in Delhi.

Introduction of E-Vehicle policy to promote electric vehicles
To combat air pollution, we came up with our very own E-Vehicle policy. The policy aims to enable the adoption of electric vehicles easier and make one-fourth of the vehicles to be electric in Delhi by 2023.

Planting tree saplings and shrubs across Delhi
This year we planted 3 Lakh tree saplings and shrubs across National Capital. Last year, we planted 5 lakh saplings in a day.

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