In the series of providing excellent education to children in Delhi, the Kejriwal government inaugurated two magnificent schools in Shriram Colony, North East Delhi. On the occasion of the school inauguration, Education Minister Atishi stated that this school in Shriram Colony is among the best schools in Delhi. The infrastructure available in the school ensures world-class education for children coming from even the most economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

During the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed school building at Shriram Colony’s Sarvodaya Kanya/Bal Vidyalaya, the Education Minister was welcomed by the school’s pipe band under the Delhi government’s School Band program. The Education Minister unveiled the plaque and inspected the newly constructed classrooms, labs, and library on the first floor.

While addressing the people, Education Minister Atishi said, “I congratulate everyone here for the inauguration of this magnificent school in the area. As soon as I entered the school and saw this state-of-the-art building, couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘Wow’. I am proud that today we are inaugurating and presenting two schools for children of Karawal Nagar, Sonia Vihar, and Khajoori Khas. I don’t think that there is any other school in the neighborhood that can compete with these government schools.”

She added that today our government schools have surpassed all the private schools. The school building being inaugurated today has 112 rooms, 15 laboratories, 2 libraries, and a lift. There was a time when children used to sit on the floor due to a lack of proper desks and benches, and today the school has brand new designer benches in classrooms. In the name of labs, libraries, and classrooms, there used to be dilapidated rooms, but today the schools not only have smart classrooms but a lab for every subject. There was a time when a government school building and staircases were dilapidated, but today Delhi government schools have lifts in them.

The Education Minister said, “People of this area know better how the government schools in this area were. One had to bear the stench of toilets upon entering the schools. Before 2015, Delhi government schools used to be in a dilapidated condition. Toilets were smelly, students were forced to study amidst this foul smell in corridors, and teachers were put on various duties, due to which they were not able to take classes. Nine years ago, these were the conditions of Delhi government schools. People used to send their children to Delhi Government Schools out of compulsion.”

She added that parents used to think that if they had a little money, they would have sent their children to private schools. But then a miracle happened in 2015, and the people of Delhi chose Arvind Kejriwal as their Chief Minister, who thinks about Delhi children even more than their parents. CM Arvind Kejriwal has said that the government will spend as much money as required in schools, even if two fewer flyovers are made in the city.

Ms. Atishi said, “The government of CM Arvind Kejriwal is the only government that spends more than 25% of the annual budget on education. From the time of independence until 2014-15, the Government schools in Delhi had only 24,000 rooms available for the education of children. In just 9 years, the Government of CM Arvind Kejriwal has built 22,711 new classrooms. CM also sent the government school teachers to one of the world’s best universities for training because he knew that teachers would be able to give world-class education only when they get world-class training. This is the education revolution of Arvind Kejriwal.”

As a result, we are now seeing that the results of Delhi Government schools have been better than private schools for the past few years. In the past year, more than 2000 students cleared the exams of IIT and NEET and are studying in prominent colleges in the country. Not only this, in the past three years, more than 4 lakh students have shifted from private schools to Delhi government schools, she added.

Ms. Atishi said, “Earlier when the government schools were in a dilapidated condition, it felt like the child of a poor person would remain poor because he would never get a good education. But today, children studying in Delhi government schools, irrespective of their background, are becoming doctors and engineers, studying in prominent colleges, and also starting their businesses. These children are pulling their families out of poverty in just one generation.”

She further added that in the past few months, we had inaugurated several schools, but I am happiest today for inaugurating this school in Khajoori Khas because this area of North East Delhi is one of the most densely populated areas. Earlier, children had to sit in small classrooms to study, but now this will not happen anymore. More than 5,000 children of this area and nearby areas will benefit from the two schools inaugurated today.”

I am confident that in the upcoming times, when the results of IIT, NEET, and prestigious universities are announced, and admission lists are published, the names of the children from our school will be included. These children will not only bring laurels to their families, Delhi but also the entire country, Ms Atishi further added.

Special features of the new school in Shriram Colony

-> This magnificent school, equipped with 112 rooms, boasts state-of-the-art facilities including smart classrooms, 15 laboratories, 2 libraries, an office, staff room, and a lift.

-> In the new school, vocational subjects are also available along with streams like Science, Commerce, and Arts for the students.

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