AAP Chief Spokesperson and Delhi Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj hit out at the BJP-led Central Government for stalling Government recruitments in the national capital for the last nine years. The Minister pointed out how the Delhi LG had in fact exposed the Centre’s conspiracy of keeping government posts vacant and putting the blame on the elected Delhi Government. The revelation has come as a shock to the people of Delhi who have been facing a severe shortage of government staff in various departments.

According to Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, the Central Government has been exercising unethical and unwarranted control over the Delhi Services Department, resulting in the stalling of all kinds of government recruitment in Delhi. The officers of the Services Department have at several occasions straight up refused to place on record the number of vacant posts despite multiple requests by Delhi Vidhan Sabha citing the control of Central Govt on the department, he informed. He further questioned the BJP-led Central Government’s motives and questioned why did the Central Government deliberately keep state government posts vacant for so many years? The Minister also highlighted how the BJP had falsely accused the Kejriwal Government of delaying recruitment of principals and teachers when the responsibility lay with the Central Government.

In a statement issued today, AAP Chief Spokesperson and Cabinet Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj said that he learnt through news reports that the LG had distributed appointment letters to some people in a function today. While giving the appointment letter, the LG said that it was only possible to give these jobs in the last couple of months. He also claimed that in the last few years, these vacancies had been piling up.

Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj said that it was strange to see the LG point fingers towards the Central Government regarding the delay in these appointments. He added that everyone in the country is aware that appointment for jobs in Delhi, transfer of government officers or taking actions against errant officers, all of this comes under the Central Government. He also added that since the LG is appointed by the Central Government, by default, this task comes under his own office.

Therefore, he said that when today the LG pointed out that 35,000 posts had been lying vacant, he was essentially blaming the Central Government for the delay in filling up these posts. Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj asked the Central Government why there was a delay in filling up these vacancies. He also told the Central Government that it was the citizens of Delhi who suffered because of the delay in filling up these posts. Pointing out the vacancy in filling up the posts in the Fire Department, he asked, “If there is a fire somewhere in Delhi and if the response of the Fire Department is delayed because of lack of staff, isn’t this a fault of the Central Government? If 325 Principals of Government schools have been appointed today in Delhi, then the question arises as to why these posts were left vacant for so long.

He also hit out at the BJP for indulging in dirty politics by saying that before every election in Delhi, and even before the Punjab state polls last year, the leaders and spokespersons of the BJP went around blaming Shri Arvind Kejriwal for the number of vacancies when it came to the posts of principal in the government schools of Delhi. He further said that the statement of the LG today on this issue has exposed the Central Government. “The LG today has gone on to expose the Central Government and the BJP on this issue, and also made it clear that what the AAP had been claiming until now was absolutely correct. We had said earlier also that it was a part of the conspiracy of the BJP to not fill up these posts. If the posts of teachers in government schools or doctors in the government hospitals are lying vacant, then it was a ploy of the BJP to keep it like that. If it is the people of Delhi who are suffering due to thousands of vacancies for the posts of nursing staff and compounders in the government hospitals of Delhi, then it is the Central Government that is to be blamed for it,” he said.

The LG has to take blame for this and inform the citizens of Delhi why they were made to suffer for so long, he said. He further added that over the years, he personally asked several questions regarding the number of vacancies in the various departments of the state government in the Vidhan Sabha, but no reply was provided by the LG Office. He also pointed out that questions asked related to this matter by other MLAs in the Vidhan Sabha were also ignored.

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