The Kejriwal Government is making significant efforts to address the sewerage issues faced by residents of Delhi and improve the sewerage network. As part of this endeavour, Water Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj, under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has given approval for a project aimed at cleaning 21.3 km long trunk sewer lines in various areas of Delhi. This project will involve the cleaning of trunk sewer lines in West Delhi, stretching from Moti Nagar to Khyala, Raja Garden Chowk to Keshopur STP, Lajwanti Garden to Keshopur STP, and Raghubir Nagar Road No. 29 to Keshopur STP. By undertaking this initiative, the government aims to prevent the overflow of sewerage, thereby positively impacting the lives of millions residing in different assembly constituencies. Water Minister Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj directed the Delhi Jal Board to prioritise and complete this work within the specified timeframe. This proactive approach will greatly benefit the citizens and alleviate the sewage-related challenges they face.

Shri Saurabh Bhardwaj announced that the Kejriwal government is undertaking the desilting of trunk sewer lines in various assembly constituencies of Delhi. Explaining the rationale for this measure, he said, “Currently, the accumulation of silt in these trunk sewer lines hinders the smooth flow of sewerage. During monsoon season, excessive pumping from SPS results in back-overflow, leading to waterlogging on roads and causing traffic jams that inconvenience pedestrians. To address these issues, the desilting of trunk sewer lines will be carried out in areas such as Moti Nagar to Khyala, Raja Garden Chowk to Keshopur STP, Lajwanti Garden to Keshopur STP, and Raghubir Nagar Road No. 29 to Keshopur STP. This initiative will effectively resolve the problem and ensure the seamless flow of sewage in the respective areas.”

People in these areas will benefit from the desilting of trunk sewer lines:

  1. Cleaning of a 5 km long trunk sewer line from Moti Nagar to Khyala in West Delhi will benefit residents of Moti Nagar, Karampura, Basai Darapur, Raja Garden, Bali Nagar, Ramesh Nagar, Kirti Nagar, Mansarovar Garden, Sudarshan Park, Rajouri Garden, Punjabi Bagh, Raghubir Nagar, Vishal Enclave, Shivaji Enclave, Shivaji Vihar, Tagore Garden, Khyala, and other areas.
  2. Cleaning a 6.2 km long trunk sewer line from Raja Garden Chowk to Keshopur STP via Najafgarh Road, Pacific Mall, 12 Block Tilak Nagar, 80 Gaj Harijan Colony, B Block Tilak Vihar, and Krishna Nagar will resolve sewer problems for the residents of Tilak Nagar AC, Tilak Vihar, Krishna Nagar, Prithvi Park, Gurunanak Nagar, and other areas under Rajouri Garden and Tilak Nagar constituencies.
  3. The cleaning of a 6.35 km long sewer line from Lajwanti Garden to Keshopur STP via Jail Road, Najafgarh Road, and Outer Ring Road to Keshopur STP will benefit the people residing in Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Hari Nagar assembly constituencies, as well as Tilak Nagar assembly constituencies.
  4. Desilting the 3.5 km long trunk sewer line from Raghubir Nagar Road No. 29 to Keshopur STP (from the right bank of Najafgarh drain) will provide relief from sewer jams to the residents of Rajouri Garden Constituency and areas such as RZ, RZC, Z Block Vishnu Udyan, Ravi Nagar Extension, C, D, E, F Block Khyala, Sant Garh (under Tilak Nagar Constituency), and others.

Shri Bhardwaj highlighted the efforts of the Kejriwal government in enhancing sewerage management. The Delhi Jal Board has established sewerage pumping stations in various areas of Delhi to facilitate the transfer of sewerage from the sewer lines to the Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). To ensure efficient monitoring, these pumping stations are equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) electronic devices. These devices include sensors that immediately alert water board officials when the level of sewerage water in the pumping station exceeds the normal limit.

Shri Bhardwaj further stated, “Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal has entrusted the responsibility of cleaning the Yamuna River to the Jal Board. Similar to the government’s successful rejuvenation of schools and hospitals in the previous term, the current focus is on prioritising the cleaning of the Yamuna River. Additionally, a significant objective is to connect 100 percent of households in Delhi to the sewer line. This initiative aims to provide relief from sewer-related issues and promote a clean environment for the residents of the area.”

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