In order to prioritise the provision of essential amenities and secure a reliable freshwater supply for the residents of Delhi, Shri Imran Hussain, Food and Civil Supplies Minister and MLA of Ballimaran, conducted an inspection of the water management at Gali Lallan Wali Ballimaran today. Accompanied by senior officers of the Delhi Jal Board, Shri Imran Hussain was joined by esteemed individuals from the local community during the inspection. The visit aimed to assess and address the water management practices in the area, demonstrating the government’s commitment to serving the citizens of Delhi. Shri Imran Hussain also inaugurated the commencement of water boring work in Neem Wala Chowk, Ramnagar, catering to the water needs of approximately ten thousand residents in the area.

During the visit, Shri Hussain noted that numerous complaints regarding water shortage and low water pressure were brought to his attention during the public hearing at the camp office, specifically related to Gali Lallan Wali in the Ballimaran assembly. Taking immediate action, Shri Hussain personally visited the area to assess the situation on the ground. He closely monitored the progress of laying new water pipelines in the vicinity. Additionally, the Minister attentively listened to the grievances voiced by the residents, promptly issuing necessary instructions to address the problems on-site.

Shri Hussain reassured the residents that all water supply grievances in the area would be swiftly addressed. He pledged to install new pipelines to replace any damaged ones, wherever necessary, in order to ensure an equitable and adequate water supply for all residents. The Minister further instructed the officers of the Delhi Jal Board to regularly monitor the ground situation on a daily basis, demonstrating his commitment to resolving the issue promptly.

Shri Imran Hussain observed the maintenance work being carried out on the water pipelines in the area. He directed the officials of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) to promptly repair or replace any damaged water pipelines to ensure an uninterrupted supply of freshwater in the area, particularly in light of the ongoing festive season of Eid-Ul-Azha.

Shri Hussain also took note of instances where sewer water was spreading on the road. He instructed the DJB officials to prioritise and expedite the maintenance work on the drainage system to prevent waterlogging and ensure proper disposal of waste in the area, emphasising the significance of cleanliness in the vicinity.

Shri Hussain said, regarding the measures, “the Kejriwal Government remains steadfast in its commitment to providing essential amenities such as drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, cleanliness, and street lights, particularly during festive seasons”

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