Education Minister Ms Atishi and MCD Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi met and interacted with mentor teachers to explore avenues for transforming Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) schools. During the interaction, they discussed how the Delhi government can help in ensuring world-class education to every child studying in MCD schools. While addressing the mentor teachers, Ms Atishi said, “Expertise of mentor teachers will help the Delhi government unlock the potential of MCD schools. After Delhi government schools, now mentor teachers will be the flag bearers of the education revolution in MCD schools.”

Ms Atishi reiterated the commitment of the Kejriwal Government to provide high-quality education to all children in Delhi, regardless of their socioeconomic background. She emphasised the importance of offering world-class education to equip students with the necessary skills for a prosperous future. She said, “Many parents resort to expensive private schools due to the lack of outstanding options in MCD schools. After Delhi government schools we aim to transform MCD schools in such a way that parents will no longer feel the need to seek admission elsewhere.”

Ms Atishi added, “People of Delhi gave us the chance in MCD and now our focus, in the coming time, will be on creating an education system in Delhi where parents have confidence in the quality of education offered by MCD schools. Now it is the responsibility of mentor teachers to help us make this dream come true.”

Dr Shelly Oberoi said, “MCD schools have been neglected for years, but whatever significant reforms are seen here are due to our mentor teachers. Mentor teachers have bridged the gap between departments and schools in MCD schools. The role of mentor teachers is crucial in ensuring that government policies regarding education are implemented effectively. Any program or policy is considered successful only when positive feedback reaches both the department and teachers, and mentor teachers play a significant role in this process.”

She added that education has always been a priority for the Kejriwal government. If we are to make India No.1 then education must be ensured to every child. She said, “In MCD as well, our top priority is to provide excellent education to the children studying in MCD schools. Therefore, we will soon adopt the model of Delhi government schools in our schools, and mentor teachers will play a significant role in this entire journey.”

During the meeting with the Education Minister and the Mayor, the mentor teachers gave their suggestions to bring improvements in MCD schools. The mentor teachers stated that it is crucial to increase parental involvement in MCD schools through various programs, similar to Delhi government schools, to enhance children’s learning.

Another mentor teacher mentioned that significant steps have not been taken so far to motivate teachers in MCD schools. Delhi government schools have shown appreciation and recognition for their teachers’ work, resulting in global recognition for these schools. It is necessary to adopt the same culture of appreciation in MCD schools as well.

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